Death of an Abandoned Dog

How can someone be so heartless?

To leave a small animal on the side of the road?

I honestly can’t comprehend the thought process that people take to justify their actions. The story (which can be found here) is of a driver who abandoned a dog on the side of a busy highway and left. The story made me cry, at the reception desk at my work when i read it.

I just don’t understand.

I hope this person is caught, and i hope someone runs over him to see what it feels like. The poor dog must have been absolutely terrified. All i can think is how much i love my dogs and when one, Eva, who we had for 13 years, had to be put down because she had damaged her spine and colon, i was so upset but she was surrounded by myself and mum (mum was her most favourite person in the whole world) when she was put to sleep.  You could tell she was happy because she kept wagging her tail and trying to get up, which broke my heart because she could no longer walk. Mum and I even had to get my boyfriend Dave to drive us to the vet because we both knew we would be too distraught to drive back home afterwards.

Eva and Dave

Thinking about it now, even though she died two years ago makes me hurt and still tear up.

How can people be so horrible? To do something so disgusting to something that can’t even defend itself, or argue against the decision? I wish people would just think of their actions before doing it. Think of the consequences, the effect it may have on others, just think!

Now all i want to do is go home and curl up with Coco and give her lots of hugs, kisses and treats. I’ve added a picture of her because she’s so cute!


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