negativity all around

This picture is not the most relevant but i really liked it because i think there are aspects in it that do sort of relate to this.

A friend of mine posted as her facebook status “I don’t mean to sound completely up myself or anything, but I’m pretty awesome and absolutely kicking ass today!” Although she is in fact being quite positive about herself and her mindframe, it bothers me that comments such as the one above have to be prefaced with something to show that we don’t think we’re better than others or stuck up or whatever else can be taken from a comment written on the internet.

It’s sad that the comment can’t just be “I’m pretty awesome and absolutely kicking ass today!”

Why do we feel the need to put ourselves down before making a comment about how good we feel/are etc? I don’t write “i don’t mean to be a downer but i feel like shit today.” I usually just write “i feel like shit today.”

Are we more comfortable with negativity than positivity? Are our lives being overrun by negative assumptions/thoughts/comments/situations?

I’m starting to think that this sort of behaviour of downplaying anything positive about yourself is what stems such low self-esteem in people.  It’s been shown that women bond over being negative about themselves, typical example is in the movie “Mean Girls” where they stand around a mirror talking about what they hate about themselves and Cady realises that she has to participate in self-hate talk to be included. All this negative talk about ourselves just makes it OK for others to do it to us.

Personally i’ve never been one to really indulge in negative self-talk because honestly, there are so many people out there trying to bring me down, that i don’t need me to do it as well. The thought of even doing it for a moment just overwhelms me because frankly, i also can’t be bothered. This doesn’t mean that i never have a moment of doubt about myself, but it just means that instead of dwelling on that thought, i move on. I know i’m lucky to think and feel this way because others don’t have it that easy. Their inner voice controls what they think and feel and it’s usually devastating to their esteem. The sad thing is that no one judges you harder than the way you judge yourself. Even if they do, who cares! In the scheme of everything, what someone thinks of you for one minute of your life does.not.matter!  And if it does, it may be worthwhile to re-evaluate why it matters to you. We can’t be liked by every single person we meet but that doesn’t have to affect you as a person.

No one is better than anyone else and those people who constantly put you down or bring negativity around are not worth having near you.

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