When Drug Use is not appropriate

Today i had a laser appointment and whilst in there, the girl and i started talking about anything and everything. Eventually the topic turned into the races and whether i was going (Melbourne is currently in the middle of it’s Spring Racing Carnival). I said no, mostly because i don’t enjoy big events where everyone seems to be completely wasted/high around me, and also i don’t like being outdoors if it’s not perfect weather.

She told me that she’d never been and now that drug taking was becoming more common at the races, it really doesn’t interest her.

Drug taking at the races.

Frankly i was shocked when i heard that. Drugs! At the races! But i don’t know why i was shocked. If you changed the actual horse racing to bands/dj’s you basically have a festival, albeit a nicer dressed festival, but still a festival. Festivals are rife with drug use and although i have no interest in drugs whatsoever, i understand it. People take stuff to enhance their experience, to have a better time listening to music (personally i’d have to take something to be able to handle all that doof doof shit junk), because their friends are, to be able to dance longer etc etc. There are a number of reasons so although i don’t agree with it,  i understand the need for others to do it.

But at the races? What part of the races exactly are you enhancing? Majority of people who go to the races aren’t actually interested in the racing itself. They want to get dressed up, be with their friends, drink and enjoy their time. Are people bored of life when they aren’t on something? Is that why situations that previously didn’t call for something to be taken now involve taking something?

The first time i went to the races i was in year 11 and 17 at the time. I hated every single minute of it. My friends were too concerned with slutting around and scoring drinks to actually have a good time. At the time i didn’t really drink and i had a boyfriend so what they were up to didn’t exactly interest me. I was disgusted with the amount of girls who must have thought they were going clubbing and not the races because they were so inappropriately dressed. And carrying their shoes in their hands only a couple of hours in. And passing out! The boys weren’t any better, with most wearing shorts, punching on and yelling out crass things to anything that walked by. At the age of 17 i sound like a complete prude but i understood, even at that age that there is a time and a place for everything.

It’d be nice if there were places that people who know how to behave appropriately in the context could go without fear of it being overrun by idiots. Unfortunately it won’t ever happen and more and more of us are being forced in rather than out. I rarely go anywhere now because i hate all the drug talk, being offered drugs, being looked down or spoken down to because i don’t take drugs. It’s my body and my choice. If i respect people’s right to take something, why isn’t that respect returned to me? I don’t lecture people on their drug taking. Frankly i don’t really care if someone takes something. Just don’t bombard me with how cool you are/what you took/how much you smoked/what you snorted because i don’t care. Especially when the situation we’re in is not appropriate.

The races are not a time and a place to act like a complete tool, like you do when you head out with your friends for a night of drinking. It’s not a time to wear the most revealing piece of material that you could possibly find. It’s not a time to get so drunk that you pass out. And it’s certainly not a time to get high on drugs.

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