I’m a terrible cook. I have no shame in that. But it’s come to my attention that maybe i should learn how to cook. One day I’m going  to move out of home and won’t be able to rely on mum to cook for me. Also cereal/eggs is probably not the most amazing dinner to constantly eat!

So today i’m starting with scones (cuz i can bake at least) and tonight i will be attempted in roast lamb with roasted pumpkin and potatoes and steamed beans with a pumpkin and spinach salad.

Ambitious i know, but i figure what’s the worst that can happen?

All i have to do now is wait for my boyfriend to come back and supervise me. He needs to make sure i don’t get distracted which i do really easily when i’m being forced to cook.

This is what the scones should look like:


and this is what the pumpkin salad is meant to look like:

Pumpkin Salad

Here’s hoping!

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I'm Valentina. And I'm pretty awesome!
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