8 Week Challenge

At my gym (which is super awesome) I took part in the 8 week challenge.

Basically it involved being in teams (but pretty non competitive, most people were competing against themselves) and earning points by doing certain classes and programs at the gym. So a 1 hour zumba class gave you 40 points, 30min abs class 20 points, 45min pole class 30 points, a circuit 35 points and bootcamp 35 points, plus your own individual program gave you points depending on the time you spent. You also gained points for weekly challenges as well as eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day as well as having protein snacks and drinking 2 litres of water.

I really got into it at the start but in week 3 i became really ill. I basically spent a week and a half in bed, got better, then got sick again a week later. In the last week of the challenge i also hurt my ankle so could do very minimal workouts.

So i had my assessment on Tuesday and i was not looking forward to it because i felt i hadn’t been able to give it everything i wanted to give it. Also part of it was because i got lazy after being sick and felt there wasn’t any point so i can’t blame being sick completely because that’s not fair.

I was just emailed my results and i’m so happy!

This is what one of the trainers sent me:

With your muscle gains of 2.3kg you lost 2.5kg of fat!!!!
and your fitness levels have improved massively!

Your resting heart rate dropped by 27bpm. Resting heart rate is a good measure of you fitness levels. (eg. a marathon runner would have a heart rate from 40-60bpm) normal range in 60-80bpm. You started on 88bpm and you are now 61bpm. AMAZING.
Your working heart rate ( when you are working out ) has dropped by 86bpm, which means your heart doesnt have to pump as fast when you are working out now, which means your fitness levels have massively improved. Fantastic job!

and I didnt even mention your body fat dropping by 4.3% amazing! thats one of the biggest drops out of everyone well done.

I’m *really* happy to see that! i was so disappointed because i didn’t lose any centimetres off my body but to see that i’m so happy.

Honestly i would have liked to see a bit more of a change in my body, as in more toned or have lost a few centimetres around my stomach and thighs because i know i have put on weight in the last year so i just want to tone that up and get back to how i was a year ago. but again, i’m so happy with my results!!!

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