When your friends give you the shits

I’m really quite pissed at my friends this weekend.

I’ve come to the realisation that if i want to see my friends, i’m the one who has to call/text. I’m also the one who has to travel which admittedly makes sense as i live an hour away from pretty much everyone but it’d be nice if i was invited places without having to get in contact first.

I know it’s because i have a boyfriend and my friends have told me that but i just don’t think that’s good enough. Just because i have a partner and most of my friends are still single doesn’t mean that i shouldn’t be included. Especially as I’ve been with my boyfriend longer than I’ve been friends with most of these girls!

I’m just so angry because i’ve found out that all my friends have gone to play a mixed netball charity tournament today and i wasn’t invited. The thing that bugs me the most is that every single person there has become friends because of me. And they all played netball on my team! Yet my boyfriend and i weren’t told about it but everyone else was.

it really upsets me and now i’m beginning to wonder whether i should bother anymore.

It’s much more complex than just not being invited out but I’m sick of having to make all the effort and no one bothering with me.

I feel like i have to choose between being the person who my friends want to be and the person that i am. I know I’m not the most fun out. I don’t particularly like clubbing, i don’t drink to get drunk, i don’t make out with or go home with random strangers and i like being in bed before midnight. I’d much prefer to go to dinner with a couple of bottles of wine and that’s it. So i get that I’m not the first on others minds when they think “i wanna go out!” But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt any less.

I find it difficult to make new friends. It seems that at my age you bond over getting pissed together. or how you take drugs on the weekend. or how many people you slept with in the last week. I just can’t relate.

But i know i want to make new friends because i’m really over the ones i have at the moment.

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I'm Valentina. And I'm pretty awesome!
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