I’m a Sucker

I went shopping yesterday at JeansWest. I normally don’t shop there but i got an email saying that as a member i was entitled to 40% off full price merch which i figured, well i may as well have a look.

I am *such* a sucker!

The sales assistant (who was lovely by the way) saw come out of the change room, stop me at the jeans and told me that they were 2 for $84. How can you really pass that up? So there I am, trying on jeans that i don’t really need and what did i do? I bought them. Why? Because i’m a sucker for a good deal. But only in some cases. Here i’ve been complaining for who knows how long about my $8000.00 worth of dental work and i’m just throwing money around on stuff that i don’t really need. Admittedly, spending $131.00 on two tops and two pairs of jeans isn’t ridiculous but i don’t need any of that.

Anyway, this is what i bought!

These jeans which are mega comfy!
I bought this but in white and with shorter sleeves
These jeans which are petite so i don’t have to take them up. WIN!
Blue Shirt

Now i’m on asos.com buying these pants

Green Pants from Asos

What is wrong with me?

I go through these stages of not buying anything (that i don’t need) for months and then suddenly i go nuts!


I need to print this off and stick it everywhere.

Don't SHOP

and maybe make myself a badge saying

“Hi, I know it looks like i really want this… but DO NOT SELL ME ANYTHING. Thanks!”

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I'm Valentina. And I'm pretty awesome!
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One Response to I’m a Sucker

  1. Emma says:

    You’re not weird, you’re a woman! Gosh I love shopping, haven’t been able to go for ages though… And how great is ASOS? Most amazing online shop ever.

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