Road Trippin with my two favourite allies

Well, that’s a complete lie. I wasn’t with two allies. I was on my own.I was driving along, in the left hand lane where there was a lane that was to merge into mine. The car that was to merge was right next to me. I expected that he would speed up or slow down (as cars who are doing the merging are meant to do) didn’t indicate and just decided to change lanes with me next to him. So i honked the horn and he then stuck his finger out the window and sped off. This dickhead could have almost killed me and what’s worse?

He didn’t care. Not only did he not look or indicate, he also didn’t have a rear view mirror or a driver’s side mirror.

I must say, given the road toll this month alone, i am COMPLETELY HORRIFIED by the complete lack of care this driver had today and countless others have every other day.

With the amount of swerving, changing lanes without indicating, speeding, tail-gating merging without looking, drink driving, drug driving, its a wonder the road toll isn’t higher than the 20 deaths we’ve had this month alone, and that’s just Victoria!

I just don’t understand how someone can think that it’s ok to risk the lives of those around them for something that is essentially not important most of the time.

What gets me even more, because I saw it alot today, are the drivers who have baby on board signs on their cars.

The second i see a baby on board sign, I’m outta there! They tend to be the worst drivers around! It’s almost as if people think it’s ok to drive erratically/dangerously/recklessly because everyone else will be taking care because of their stupid sign. You know what?! They’re not. People who are selfish enough to do all that stuff don’t care who is in your car and don’t care who they hurt.

This is why i can’t feel sorry for crash victims when it’s because they’ve been speeding, or drinking, on drugs or gotten into a car with someone they shouldn’t have. It’s 2011. Saying you’re not aware of the consequences is no longer an excuse! How dumb do you have to be to do any of those things and not expect something terrible to happen? And how selfish.

I say we get all the dickhead drivers who have no regard for anyone else, on the roads at one time and they can all just crash and burn into each other. Least that way we get some of them off the roads


Unfortunately TAC campaigns are just not getting through to people. Are shock tactics not working anymore? Are they not emotional or real enough for people? Or are we so bombarded with images that we’re so desensitized to it all?

In 2009 someone created a montage of TAC ads from the last 20 years. You can view it below (Please be aware that it is very graphic). I cry every.single.time.

I don’t understand how you could watch one of those ads and not be affected and not think that take more care on the roads.

Do we need to start focusing on “what to do” instead of “what not to do?” Like this ad?

Should we be encouraging people to speak up about dangerous driving without fear of being ostracized? Do we change tactics until that is no longer is effective?

But then what?

Speaking up is difficult. I don’t know the amount of times i’ve gotten into a car with someone who i think is probably over the limit but can’t really say anything because they were the adult in charge of me at the time. How do you approach the subject that you think your parent or a friend’s parent is over the limit when they’re the ones who are taking you home that night?


I think it’s unfair to just blame Gen Y’ers. Gen Y’ers may be the most represented in irresponsible driving deaths, but the whole driving population thinks it’s ok to slightly speed, to slightly tail-gate, to occasionally change lanes without looking or indicating. It’s this lax attitude to driving that is dangerous.

I don’t know what the solution is to fixing this issue. There are many things that contribute.

I hope i never see the day where a loved one is killed due to irresponsible driving.

I wish that the message was getting through.

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