*Kiss Kiss*

I am *obsessed* with lip glosses/balms/sticks.

I have so many that it is ridiculous.

This is what i have in my bag today:

All the lip products in my handbag

and i have *alot* more at home.

Is that not the most ridiculous thing ever? For what could i possibly need 8 lip glosses and 4 lipsticks? Before when i looked, i had 6 lip glosses and 2 lipsticks i think it was. Well surprise surprise, i found some more hidden away.

Seriously! i have no idea what i’m prepared for by having all these products!

I must say though, that I do need different glosses and balms because after awhile, they seem to stop working and become really waxy, so a change is needed but i have no idea why i have 8.

As for the lipstick, well i barely even wear lipstick (it’s the maintenance that i can’t be bothered with).

This obsession needs to stop!

But, the plus side, my lips always look fabulous!

Not my actual lips


Here is a list of the products as per the picture.

  1. Lucas Paw Paw
  2. Oralife peppermint Lip Treatment
  3. Cocoa Butters Lip Butter, Dark Chocolate and Cherry
  4. Strawberry Chapstick
  5. Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm (not sure on flavour as the label has ripped off)
  6. Blistex Lip Conditioner
  7. Rimmel Kate Moss Collection 001
  8. Revlon Pearl Lipstick Champagne on Ice
  9. Revlon Matte Mauve it Over
  10. Cocoa Butter Lip Butter, Dark Chocolate and Peppermint
  11. Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Sunset
  12. Sukin Lip Treatment

About xxxMissVxxx

I'm Valentina. And I'm pretty awesome!
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2 Responses to *Kiss Kiss*

  1. ShoeGalKayla says:

    Girlfriend I am the same way! I always have a wide variety of balms, glosses, and lipsticks in my purse. Never know what you’ll need!

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