Ooooh baby you want me? Well you can have this lapdance here for free

I had my first lapdance last night.

It was weird.

It wasn’t at all sexy, it wasn’t raunchy, it wasn’t anything other than weird. And slightly amusing. And uncomfortable.

I was always, for some reason, under the impression that a lapdance starts off clothed and during the song they start undressing. Apparently I was wrong!

Is it just me who seems to think that girls who are performing look much better with at least undies on?

I don’t really understand the appeal of a fully nude female in this situation. She’s nude because you paid her, not because she wants to be. But then again, maybe i don’t understand the appeal because i am also female but i just don’t see how leaving nothing to the imagination is sexy.

Don’t get me wrong, i have nothing against what these girls do for money. Hell if i were comfortable with anybody seeing every single part of me then yea, i’d probably do it to but it’s not something i’m comfortable doing.I know that if i were as skilled as i’d like to be in pole dancing, i’d be up there doing my thing for the world to see!

But i honestly just don’t get it. I love watching pole dancers (actual skilled poled dancers who do tricks, not the ones who just gyrate around a pole… videos included below), i love watching burlesque dancers, i love watching most types of entertainment that involves flexibility and dancing but this was just awkward.

Maybe because it *is* awkward.

The reason this happened was that my boyfriend and I were at Sexpo and went into a section called the Laporium. Basically girls are dancing around a pole (*not* pole dancers) in the main area, and then in the back area the girls give lapdances. I thought it’d be a bit of fun so we had two girls dancing whilst we sat down (i of course, did not pay). The girls were stunning but it all seemed like business, which it is. It was so odd though. I had no idea where to really look when there was a giant breast in my face, my boyfriend had his dancer’s butt in his face, then the two girls made out between us and then both laid on the floor pretending to 69. It was strange. I guess Sexpo is an easy sell but i don’t know. I thought that  maybe with the amount of girls with their partners actually going into the back area that the dancers would change their “act.” to make it a little more… not appropriate but maybe a bit more couple friendly if that is even possible. I mean i can understand a guy loving two women pretending to 69 but it’s not exactly something I’ve ever fantasized about.

But as i looked around, it all seemed a bit sad. There were guys there who are clearly wanting a female’s company but unable to get it for free for whatever reason. And the girls know that and use it to their advantage. i don’t think it’s fair to say that the girls working are exploiting the situation because you can argue exploitation both ways but it made me sad that for some people, this is the only way they make money, and for others, this and possibly prostitution are the only ways they have female company.

Although it was strange, i kinda like the atmosphere. it’s almost a “no shame” kinda anything goes atmosphere. There’s no judging, no need to act a certain way, i kinda like the sleaziness to it. I loved the fact that i didn’t have guys annoying me (not that it happens alot but it is annoying when you have a boyfriend). But the main thing that i like is that, to me, the girls don’t seem as if they’re forced to be there and are happy in their choice on occupation.

I actually wouldn’t mind going to a proper strip club to see what it’s all about. As long as they have pole dancers i’ll be happy.

But no lapdances for me!

Do you feel the same way about lapdances/strip clubs? What has your experience been like and if you haven’t had one, what do you imagine it to be like?

Side Note: Here are 3 videos of pole dances that i love.

(The first two videos also start with the same song!!)

First up is Felix Cane. She is Amazing.

Second up is Lou Landers. She won this year’s Miss Pole Dance Victoria and was the sponsor’s choice for Miss Pole Dance Australia.

Third is Miss Filly. She has been a past instructor of mine. This is her performance at Miss Pole Dance Victoria in 2010 where she was 1st runner up.

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