The Inbetweeners

The Inbetweeners Movie

(to watch the trailer, click here!)

The best way i can describe The Inbetweeners Movie is if you combined Eurotrip, Road Trip and American Pie into the one movie but with English characters.

I found this movie hilarious! I’ll admit, Inbetweeners is not for everyone. Some find it hilarious (like me), some too crude (also like me), some not funny at all (not me) and some just don’t seem to get it (not me).

The movie itself is not brilliant but like most movies about life after high school, you don’t expect much but some laughs. And boy do you get them.

You get the “I’m shocked by what i’m watching so i’m going to laugh” laugh
You get the “This is disgusting” laugh
There’s the “This is so funny I’m going to cry” laugh
There’s also the “i don’t know how to react so i’m going to laugh” laugh

But there’s also parts where you actually feel sad for them. But not for long.


I really liked it, so much so, that i actually watched it twice on the weekend and i haven’t done that ever (i did see Kick ass 3 times at the movies but i got free entry so that’s a different story)!

I will say this though. It is gross. It is wrong. It is not for everybody.

There were people who walked out half way because it was too much for them.  So below are 3 things that, if you can’t handle the thought of, then you should steer clear of this movie (this should also give you an idea of what sort of movie it is).

Steer Clear IF:

*You are squeamish about vomit and/or shit (you will not be able to close your eyes fast enough before the image/s is burned into your brain forever).

*Do not like the various words/metaphors for vagina.

*If the idea of an 18 year old making out with your grandmother makes you feel physically sick.

All in all, i loved the movie and will actually purchase it on DVD!

Favourite part: Has to be the dancing scene that is in the ads, Hilarious!

Also loved that Anthony Stewart Head was in it, and Ke$ha in a blink and you’ll miss it cameo!

5 outta 5 for hilarity!!

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