Nude by Nature

I’m in the market for a new foundation. The one I’m using at the moment is much too expensive for what it does. So i was in Priceline and they had the Nude by Nature Complexion Heroes set for $59.95!

So i bought it.

Nude by Nature Complexion Heroes

The set included:

Mineral Cover Foundation
Mineral Powder
Mineral Finishing Veil
Mineral Blush
Mineral Brush
Undercover Airbrush Primer
Liquid Mineral Foundation
Mineral Illuminator

For $60 it was pretty good as all up they advertise it’s valued at $250 (or something).

So i was disappointed when on Saturday i had a movie date with a friend of mine and had a bit of time to spend on my makeup. I don’t usually put a ton of make up on to go to the movies but it was new and i wanted to try it.

So i washed my face, put my regular moisturiser on it and waited a bit as you’re meant to after moisturising.

I put the primer on. Did not like it. Even though i waited about 10 minutes before putting it on, it still seemed to react with the moisturiser that i used that no other primer has done before. It seemed really thick and gluggy and felt heavy on my skin but i perservered!
I then put the liquid foundation on (god knows why as i haven’t worn liquid foundation in years!) which did not seem to mix well with the primer! Like the primer it felt gluggy and gross and just wasn’t blending. I had streaks all over my face and could not get rid of it no matter how much i blended.
I had to admit defeat, washed it off and used the stuff i was trying to replace.

I gave it another go today and wow what a difference a couple of days makes!

i didn’t use the liquid foundation this time so i started with moisturiser again, sunscreen, tinted moisturiser then i put on the illuminator. Then i finally tried the mineral powder foundation. It was amazing and the brush was brilliant as well. It didn’t cake on nearly as much product on the brush as some other powders do (which is really wasteful when you think about it) and smoothed on easily. After the powder foundation i put some of the cover powder on it (i assume it’s to lock it all in, i’m not really sure) and the end result was amazing. The illuminator under the foundation gave me a really dewy, fresh look and even with all those layers, i still looked like i had no make up on! I might just have to give the primer and liquid foundation another go but if  not, I’m still quite happy with the powder foundation. At $40 a pop for a tub of it, it’s half the price as the other one i am currently using and i love it!

I’m glad i didn’t just give up without trying it again. Hopefully i’ll feel the same tomorrow when i put it all back on!!

Have you ever tried something, didn’t like it and never used it again? Do you wish you did?

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3 Responses to Nude by Nature

  1. ShoeGalKayla says:

    What kind of foundation were you using before this? I’m not a huge fan of mineral powders, I’ve tried the Bare Minerals, Pur Minerals, and MAC’s mineral powder. I just couldn’t get into it.

    • xxxMissVxxx says:

      I was using a brand called Bellapierre which was really good but my skin must have changed and it’s no longer working for me. I find with most people that they either love mineral powder foundation or they hate it! No one is ever just “meh” about it!

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