Think before handing over the $$$

It’s not even December and i’m already dreading Christmas. I hate how commerical it’s become. I hate that i’m expected to spend so much money on gifts (because that’s apparently how you show you care). Most of all i hate that i’m expected to buy so much for my partner’s family.

In my family, my sister and I spend about $100 each on our parents and about $50 each on each other. My boyfriend and I have this year decided not to give each other gifts because we both have everything we could possibly want and so have decided that we’ll have a really nice meal out somewhere.

He has 2 brothers and I’m of course expecting to give their partner’s gifts also. But how much is too much? How do you limit how much you spend without looking cheap to people who directly relate what you spend to how much you care/respect them? This is not what gift giving is about! It’s about being thankful for what you get, it’s about giving what you want with no expectation of getting something back. I honestly don’t mind buying gifts for people, I’m quite shit at it but when you find the perfect gift for someone that you know they will love, well that’s always a nice feeling but when you’re expected to get something it takes the fun out of it. One of the brother’s partners, I’ve met 3 times. Do i get her something small or the same level as the other girlfriend who i’ve known for 8 years and am quite good friends with?

There’s too many politics associated with presents nowadays and it really takes away the point of Christmas for me. Sure when i was younger it was all about the presents, and don’t get me wrong, i like receiving presents. But in this day and age where i can afford everything i want myself, there really isn’t much that will be a special gift that i would never be able to get myself. I would be quite happy to do a KK or just skip presents altogether. I love spending Christmas Eve with my family, helping cook and set the table, listening to lame Christmas carols and sitting around the table with my family.And that’s all i want.

I can just see myself hating Christmas day, cringing at the amount of presents that are received that are completely unnecessary and most won’t even be used.

I thought about donating to charity in everyone’s name but i don’t feel right about that. Charity isn’t something that should be forced on someone and besides, some people do view Christmas as purely present based.

Anyway, my lovely sister sent me this last night and it really summed up my expectations of present giving.

Is there something about Christmas that irks you or do you love the whole thing?

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