“Sometimes you have to sacrifice your performance for high heels” Gwen Stefani

On Monday night i was invited to the launch of Ansell’s new line of condoms called Neon.It was held at Strike Bowling at QV in Melbourne with free bowling, drinks, pool, air hockey, dj and food. The atmosphere was great! Really well organised (thanks to my friend who organised the night!) and loads of fun. I love events like this because i love people watching, especially looking at the outfits that girls wear. It’s brilliant for finding new ways to style yourself as well as be utterly jealous by the way some girls look so perfect and flawless and make me feel bad for trying making the effort.

The Ansell Models

But mostly it made me envy the girls who are more than capable of wearing heels all day every day. I’m one of those girls who will always wear flats to work (never runners – no judgement) and then change into heels. And sometimes i don’t even change my shoes. I just take my flats off and walk around barefoot.

But i want to be the kind of girl who can wear them all day without fail. But i find it difficult to do. My trip to work (and from for that matter) involves driving for anywhere between 20 – 40 minutes, then walking across gravel to the train station, up the ramp (which is always slippery when it’s raining) then standing on a train for 20 minutes. Then i have a 15minute walk to work on Melbourne’s notorious uneven, wobbly, cracked pavements.

I don’t know how girls do it. I’ve seen girls in sky high Louboutins walk from Victoria Street to Flinders Street Station (approx 2km) faster than i have in flats!

Christian Louboutins

Are they secretly hurting every single step they take or is it really not an issue for them? But there are connotations associated with wearing heels to work. Some offices require you to wear them, if you don’t, somehow you’re to be taken less seriously than the others who are wearing heels. For my office, only some teams wear them. My team is not one of them. We tend to wear flats and boots but whilst no one on my teams cares if i wear heels, other teams will make it very clear that because i wear them, I’m trying to be more than I am. I have no idea why that’s even an issue. So what if wearing heels makes me feel good about myself. Like most things, what i do or wear has no effect on anyone else, and being 157cm tall (5″2) i like to add a bit of height. Most of the time when i do wear heels, it’s because the pants i’m wearing haven’t been taken up yet. Basically it’s my lazy way instead of dealing with tailors.

But i am jealous and want to be able to wear them all day everyday but as i am always late and rushing it’s just not a viable option. Because frankly, if i break my ankle, i won’t be able to do anything anyway.

Do you wear heels for the entire day, or do you change when you get to the office? Or do you just stay in comfy shoes all day?

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4 Responses to “Sometimes you have to sacrifice your performance for high heels” Gwen Stefani

  1. ShoeGalKayla says:

    Well Miss V, I am one of “those girls” that you speak of. I will wear my stilettos even their there is ice on the ground. I’m not saying this to brag (that’s not my style ;)), I’m just here to tell you my secret.

    Yes, my feet hurt. And I have huge bunions. You just get used to the pain. Mid-day you will find me in the break room slipping off my shoes and saying, “ahhh…”

    Also, I work in an office as well and I would say my heels have the opposite effect. A lot of people will treat me like I’m some bimbo who was hired to sit and smile at my desk. However, I happily challenge that stereotype, since the people that make snap judgments about me are not wearing weapons in their feet 😉

    Great post, I love reading your blog!

  2. xxxMissVxxx says:

    You have my complete and utter respect!

  3. Ingrid says:

    I wear flats to and from work (just can’t wear heels all day long), but for the 8 hours at work I always wear heels, usually 10-12 cm heels. And I stand a lot at work. If I ever have a day off from heels regulars will make fun of me because I am so short (158 cm).

    My colleagues love commenting on my shoes too so I guess it’s become a trademark for me because none of the other ladies at my work wear that tall shoes.

    A bonus tip is if you can get a pair of shoes which has a thicker heel and a bit of hight at the front of the shoe. Much more comfortable:)

    These are the ones I am wearing at the moment http://www.wittner.com.au/shoes/corporate/bentley-black.html (But CL’s are on my top 10 fashionlist) x

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