Little Boxes

Christmas is fast approaching and I am terrible at wrapping gifts. I’m sure I’m not the only one. So i thought to maybe gather a list of items that can be purchased and wrapped with ease.


Perfume is always a good idea, but only if you know what sort of scent the particular female likes. And it also helps when said female is not allergic. They *always* come in a box, making it easy to wrap.

I like:

Jimmy Choo 100ml $139.00


Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau De Parfum 50ml $99.50 at


YSL Paris Eau De Parfum 75ml $112.50 at

Jewelry is another good one for females. Depending where you go, jewelry tends to come in boxes be it earrings, rings or necklaces.

I like:

Mimco, Thomas Sabo and Swarovski


For males i quite like electric razers and shavers. There are some really nice ones out there, that again, come in boxes making them easy to wrap (be warned, not all come in boxes, some come in really oddly shaped cases. Suss it out beforehand!)

I like:

Braun Smart Control 5743 Electric Shaver $74.95, Save $75 from the

Cufflinks are things that either a male has alot of because he likes them, or has none of. They make excellent gifts as they tend to be things that you wouldn’t necessarily purchase for yourself but will eventually need/use.

I like:

Benjamin Cufflinks as well as Myer and David Jones.

Both Sexes:

Gifts such as books, cds and dvds are usually welcomed presents. Easy to wrap and easy to buy. I am one of the few people who still like a physical book rather than tablet form, still prefers a dvd rather than on my laptop and still prefers cd’s rather than mp3.

Amazon: Amazon has a range of everything you could possibly need as well as really good shipping rates and times. However it is December so to guarntee your gift arriving on time, I suggest you get in early in case anything goes wrong.

Fishpond: Fishpond also has a wide range to choose from. There’s free shipping when you spend over a certain amount and delivery can be slightly quicker thanks to it being based in Australia.

The Book Depository: Based in England, the Book Depository still has excellent delivery time as well as free shipping anywhere in the world.

For Secret Santa/Kris Kringle:

Generally SS/KKs gifts are usually $20 and under. I went KK shopping last night and had trouble finding something as our limit is $10. There’s not much out there that you can buy for that amount that doesn’t look shit and cheap.

Some things i found:

K Mart Coffee Mug Set: $9.00

K Mart Fragipani Series Photo Frame Silver Pack of 4, $6.00

T2 Flower Cup: $6.00

There you have it! Some quick and easy gifts that will be easy to wrap and well received! Alternatively, alot of places offer free gift wrapping or wrapping for a fee, so maybe get your more difficult items from these places!

What are you good at wrapping?

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2 Responses to Little Boxes

  1. Emma says:

    I’m being lazy (or smart, however you want to look at it) this christmas and putting gifts in pretty gift boxes instead of wrapping. Looks so much neater and prettier than when I have sticky tape everywhere…

    This Christmas I’m making hampers for the ladies. Natio has great value skin and body care packs so I got some of them, T2 for tea drinkers, books from book depository and some gorgeous luxurious body butters from MOR (the packaging alone is worth it!) and the boys are getting a day out fishing as their gift. so stress free this Christmas, loving it!

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