Favourite Products for the Moment

I have a ton of products for everything! I can’t seem to stop at one. If i see something new on sale, then i will buy it whether i need it or not. Because of this habit I’ve tried millions of products for basically everything. There are my favorites at the moment!

Cleanser: Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub

I’ve been using this brand for a cleanser for awhile now. I tend to switch between this one and the Warming Anti-Blackhead cream cleanser. I like cleansers with exfoliants in them as i feel cleaner after using them. It’s gentle enough on my skin despite exfoliating it and has a lovely tingly feeling as you wash your face.

Toner: T.N Dickson Witch Hazel

I’ve never used toner until i started using Witch Hazel. It’s brilliant for my skin and mostly natural from what i understand. It’s also excellent for those days where i haven’t worn anything on my face and can’t be bothered doing the whole routine so just dab a bit of this on a cotton pad, wipe over my face and I’m ready for moisturizer and that’s it. It can sting if you have any cuts on your skin though.

Day time Moisturiser: Sukin Facial Moisturiser

I’ve only gotten into the Sukin brand about 3 weeks ago and i must say that I love them at the moment. This moisturiser is light and smells delicious and really penetrates without feeling like you’re greasy.

Night time Moisturiser: Sukin Rose Hip Oil

Again with the Sukin! Rose Hip Oil penetrates deeper and it much more natural than moisturiser. However as it is oil, it’s not always ideal for day time which is why i use it at night time. It leaves my skin feeling really hydrated but the downside is that it does have an off-putting smell but it’s pretty bearable.

Hand Cream: L’Occataine Shea Butter Hand Cream

My hands are always dry and this cream is perfect for me. To me it doesn’t leave a greasy residue however if you’re skin is not dry, then you probably won’t like it as it is quite heavy. The fragrance is nice and the best thing is that you don’t need alot of product for it to work so it can last me easily 5 months and that’s with constant applications.

Eye Cream: Garnier Nutritoiniste Ultra-Lift Pro Deep Wrinkle Dual Eye Care

The first few times i used this i didn’t like it. I must have put too much on because i woke up 3 times with my eyes swollen. So you literally only need a tiny bit of each. There is a cream to go on the top of your eye (under your eyebrow) and around the crow’s feet, then a gel for under your eyes. Easy to use and I have noticed that the skin is more supple and doesn’t look so worn anymore.

Sunscreen: Invisible Zinc Face and Body Sunscreen 30+

I.Love.This.So.Much! Alot of sunscreens leave me feeling really greasy and i tend to sweat it off almost immediately especially when I’ve put make up over it but with this one i don’t sweat it off. It’s almost like it’s absorbing rather than just creating a protective seal. However, if i know I’m going to the gym later in the day, I won’t top up with the zinc. I’ll use the below product because it’s much lighter.

Moisturiser with SPF: Olay Complete with SPF 15+

I tend to only use this one for top ups. It’s easy to use over make up without ruining it, is very light and doesn’t have a horrible sunscreen smell. However as it is only SPF 15, i don’t rely on it as my main source of sun protection.

Foundation: Nude by Nature Mineral Cover

It’s amazing how much I’ve fallen in love with this product in just a week!. I wrote a review about my first time using the brand Nude by Nature here and it wasn’t a good first impression. But i love the mineral foundation. It’s light, it easily builds without looking as if you’ve just caked it on and most of all, it really does look natural and suits most skin types, which is surprising as it only comes in light, medium and dark. My biggest issue with it? It doesn’t last as long as some mineral powder foundations do. But i don’t really mind! Personally i wear make up to work then take it off the second i get home or get to the gym.

Tinted Moisturiser: Dove Essential Nutrients Tinted Moisturiser

When I feel like my skin is amazing, i skip the foundation altogether and just use this! It’s light and luminous and evens out my complexion really well. It also has SPF in it too which is a total bonus.

Eye shadow: Rimmel Colour Rush Smokey Brun

I discovered this about a month ago and have used it pretty much every single day. I love brown colours and this is perfect for a smokey eye that is not too dark for work. Otherwise you can use each colour on it’s own and still looks amazing. It doesn’t seem to get caught in the creases of my eyelids like other eye shadows do so that’s always a bonus.

Mascara: Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion

I am in love with this mascara! I have never in my life purchased the same mascara more than once, until I discovered this one. It gives me brilliantly dark, bold lashes that don’t clump! I can even do the lower lashes without it getting all gross. This is definitely the best mascara that i have ever tried. You can also reapply over the lashes hours later and it won’t get all gluggy and gross.

Eye Liner: Maybeline Line Express

Like the mascara I’ve never purchased eye liner more than once, except this one. The colour is dramatic and smudges easily to create the perfect smokey eye. The sponge at the other end is perfect if you want a bit of colour if you only have the eye liner on you. The pencil itself is actually quite soft which makes it easier to use for some reason.

Lip Stick: Rimmel Moisture Renew Sunset

I’m not a big lipstick fan but this one i love. I usually use a nude lipliner before putting this on. It looks more like gloss that doesn’t disappear once you’ve put your mouth on a cup or eaten something. It’s a gorgeous colour, feels like it’s really moisturising and actually stays on. It also has a hint of shimmer. My favourite thing about it? If it wears off it’s not a big deal because it’s actually quite close to natural lip colours.

Lip Gloss: DiorKiss

My sister bought me a couple of the DiorKiss lipglosses from America a couple of years back. They are delicious. A little bit sticky but the colour is fabulous and because it’s sticky, it tends to stay on longer than most glosses.

Lip Balm: Strawberry Chapstick

Despite having zillions of lip products (if you don’t believe me, click here) this is the one that i will, without fail, always return to. It smells and tastes yummy, it slides on without being waxy or too thin and i don’t feel the need to reapply a zillion times a day. It also has SPF 15+ which is excellent for windy and sunny days. It is also the only one that i can use for a lengthy period of time without my lips becoming used to it.

Blush and Bronzer: Bellapierre

I was all about Bellapierre until i discovered Nude by Nature but i really do love the blush and bronzer that Bellapierre provide. I’m not sure why but it seems to always work perfectly when i want it to and the colours tend to match my skin brilliantly.

Nail Polish (clear): Australis Nail Colour High Shine (could not find a picture anywhere!)

This clear nail polish is brilliant. It’s thick enough that you don’t have to go over the same nail over and over again, but thin enough that it won’t take forever to dry and won’t bubble. It also has a really high shine to it so you can use it for a base coat as well as a top coat.

Nail Polish (colour): Rimmel Lycra Pro 404

I really love Rimmel nail polishes. They have an amazing range of colours for really affordable prices. The reds are my favourites and this one is up there. The brush is thick so you only really need to brush over your nail twice to get the whole thing covered. Which is excellent as it minimises errors that are inherent with painting your nails. I have to say that the thicker brush makes it so much easier to put polish on your bad hand because you don’t have to use as many strokes as you would with a thinner brush. It dries really quickly but you still need to be careful for a few hours afterwards. The polish itself is like the clear one above, it’s thick enough that one coat is more than sufficient as well as not needing to go over the same spot over and again but thin enough that it won’t bubble.


So there you have it! Clearly i don’t stick to one brand for everything. But Rimmel is slowly becoming my favourite, affordable brand for alot of things.


These products can all be found at either The Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Coles/Safeway, Strawberrynet.com, Dior and L’Occataine.

Do you tend to stick to one brand or try anything that looks good?

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