You’re not a Child of God!

Most mornings when i get up, i go into the kitchen, take my vitamin pill, take some olive leaf extract and mix some apple cider vinegar with water and down all that whilst making breakfast. I also take the contraceptive pill (levlan ed for those of you playing at home). This morning i forgot to take my pill because it’s kept in my handbag rather than the kitchen (the theory being that i always have my handbag on me so if i forget to take it, it’s not an issue because alas, i have it with me!). So instead of taking it at home, i remembered at the train station. So as i was standing on the platform i opened my handbag, fiddled around for the little pouch i keep it in, proceeded to open the pouch up, pull the packet out halfway so it was still half in my bag, popped a pill out and took it. It was quite discreet really.

A woman however, took offense to the entire situation and promptly told me that i was a disgusting person and that i would be going to hell for taking contraceptives. I know what you’re thinking… “WTF?!”

I was actually a bit shocked. I replied that i was actually on it for period pain (which is the reason i went on it which then conveniently became for both period pain and contraception). She then shouted “YOU’RE NOT A CHILD OF GOD (???) AND YOU WILL BURN FOR ETERNITY!!!” before promptly gliding away (I want to add, the train station i go to in the mornings and evenings to get to and from work is notorious for crazy people, junkies, homeless and really inappropriately violent and angry people. You don’t really want to do anything to set anyone off because unfortunately people do get beaten for looking at someone wrong. I’ve seen it happen).

Yea, what the f*ck?!

Who in their right mind actually says something like that to someone? How is it anyone’s business? True, probably not ideal to take meds in a public place but it’s not like i was having sex on the train platform or verbally informing every person that “Hey, in case you’re wondering, I’m about to take my contraceptive pill for period pain and also so i don’t get pregnant!”

It got me thinking how things that i do that seem minor and unimportant to me must have an impact on others. I’m pretty considerate in public. When i used to smoke, i always made sure i was away from other people who didn’t and i never smoked when it was windy because smoke travels. I don’t talk loudly on my mobile and keep my calls to a minimal length when on the train or in crowds. My iPod is never above half volume so other people can’t hear it. I don’t take up alot of room. I generally offer my seat to people on public transport. I don’t push. I let people go in front of me. I say “thank you,” “please” and “excuse me.” So now I’m wondering what else i do that causes offense. I honestly can’t think of anything.

After the whole situation this morning, this guy came up to me to tell me that the woman is actually nuts and yells at people for random things pretty much every morning so now i don’t feel so bad. Most of her rants involve going to hell etc so at least it’s not so bad. There was almost a sense of comradeship, that I’ve been initiated into a group that i wasn’t a part of before. It’s quite nice really.

Have you done anything to cause offense to someone that you thought was actually quite normal behaviour?


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