The Year in 365 Sentences: January 2011

The next 12 days (i hope!) will be dedicated to what has occurred each day of this year, broken up into 12 different parts.

Welcome to January 2011.

Jan 1st: Brazil’s first female president, Dilma Rousseff is sworn in.
Jan 2nd: A woman swept from a bridge in her car becomes the first victim of widespread flooding in the Australian state of Queensland.
Jan 3rd: A strong earthquake shakes central Chile, sending people fleeing for fear of a tsunami, but causing no casualties or serious damage.
Jan 4th:
Jerry Brown is sworn in as the new governor of the US state of California, taking over from the departing Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Jan 5th:
Residents in the flood-hit Australian city of Rockhampton are preparing themselves for floodwaters to peak.
Jan 6th: Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan plans to sue the Australian government for damaging his reputation over investigations into tax evasion.
Jan 7th: US Defence Secretary Robert Gates announces a $78bn (£50.3bn) military budget cut, to be achieved in part by scrapping weapons systems
Jan 8th: One of the Chilean miners rescued in October after 69 days underground has fulfilled a dream: visiting Graceland, former home of Elvis Presley.
Jan 9th: The Social Network moves a step closer to Oscar success after bagging four awards from the National Society of Film Critics in the US.
Jan 10th: US President Barack Obama hailed the start of a week-long referendum in Southern Sudan, which is widely expected to lead to independence.
Jan 11th: Police urge the evacuation of parts of Australia’s third largest city in the face of flash flooding.
Jan 12th: A judge in the US orders the personal doctor of Michael Jackson, Dr Conrad Murray, to stand trial for the involuntary manslaughter of the singer.
Jan 13th: More than 250 people die in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro state as flooding and mudslides hit south-eastern Brazil.
Jan 14th: British actor Colin Firth receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, dedicating the honour to his wife.
Jan 15th: The UN is launching an appeal for emergency flood aid for Sri Lanka, where at least 32 people have died and more than 300,000 have been displaced.
Jan 16th: Election officials in Sudan have begun to count the votes cast in a referendum which will decide whether the country is split in two.
Jan 17th: Facebook film The Social Network and TV show Glee are the main winners at the Golden Globes in Los Angeles, where British actors Colin Firth and Christian Bale are also honoured.
Jan 18th: Ministers plan a minimum price level for alcohol in England and Wales, but campaigners say it will have little impact on binge drinking.
Jan 19th: The Central Perk cafe immortalised in the US comedy show Friends has opened in the heart of bustling downtown Beijing
Jan 20th: Residents in the flood-hit city of Brisbane brace for a king tide, as more towns in Victoria are evacuated in the ongoing crisis.
Jan 21st: Iggy Pop’s former drummer Alex Kirst is killed in a hit-and-run accident in the US, aged 47.
Jan 22nd: An Italian court appoints experts to re-examine disputed DNA evidence of Amanda Knox on the knife allegedly used in murder of British student Meredith Kercher.
Jan 23rd: Australian soldier Benjamin Roberts-Smith is awarded the country’s highest military honour, the Victoria Cross, for bravery while serving in Afghanistan.
Jan 24th: The US version of hit teen drama Skins causes controversy as a parents’ group claims it could be violating child porn laws.
Jan 25th: Australia charges three Indonesians with people-smuggling offences, following the death of about 50 people in a shipwreck off Christmas Island.
Jan 26th: At least three people have been killed in a day of rare anti-government protests across Egypt inspired by the uprising in Tunisia.
Jan 27th: An explosion at a coal mine in Sardinata in north-eastern Colombia kills 21 workers – the second deadly blast there in three years.
Jan 28th: Amazon announces that it sold more Kindle downloads in the US than paperbacks, but says its profit margins slid.
Jan 29th: Kim Clijsters beats Li Na in a pulsating three-set final to win her first Australian Open and fourth Grand Slam title.
Jan 30th: Novak Djokovic beats Andy Murray in straight sets to win the Australian Open for the second time and end the Briton’s hopes of a first Grand Slam title.
Jan 31st: The Australian state of Queensland could be facing one of the worst cyclones in its history, its premier warns, as it works to recover from devastating floods.

Personally, January was summed up by the floods that occurred in Brisbane and Victoria. My area in Melbourne didn’t flood but there was some massive flooding only about 15 kms away from me. If you are interested in viewing the flood levels for Brisbane, please click here. It’s an interactive map of areas of Brisbane that were hit by the floods and you can hover the mouse over the picture to see how much it actually did flood.

The stories that came from the flood bought tears to my eyes, specifically the story of Jordan Rice, a 13 year old boy who insisted his brother be rescued first. It was this insistence that cost him his life. It came to the point where I couldn’t read or watch anything else on the floods because i just wanted to burst out crying.

What was significant for you in January 2011?

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