The year in 385 Sentences: April 2011

Welcome to April

April 1st: Mad Men creator Matt Weiner signs a new contract with producers that could mean a further three series of the award-winning US ad agency drama.
April 2nd: Coastguards in Japan have rescued a dog from the top of a house washed out to sea by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit the north-east coast of the country three weeks ago.
April 3rd: Coastguards in Japan have rescued a dog from the top of a house washed out to sea by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit the north-east coast of the country three weeks ago.
April 4th: The natural disasters that hit Australia will cost its economy A$9bn according to the Treasury department.
April 5th: An inquiry into the November 2010 Pike River mine disaster that killed 29 people opens in the New Zealand town of Greymouth.
April  6th: Australian police investigate claims by a female cadet at the country’s defence academy that a fellow cadet ran a live broadcast of them having sex.
April  7th: Australia’s unemployment rate fell to 4.9% in March, its lowest level since December 2008, pushing its currency to fresh highs.
April  8th: Work finally begins on mainland China’s first Disneyland amusement park, after 10 years of difficult negotiations.
April 9th: A freak sandstorm sweeps across a motorway in northern Germany causing a multiple pile-up and leaving eight people dead.
April  10th: Thousands of children in Brazil have built what organisers say is the world’s tallest Lego tower – with a bit of help from parents and a crane.
April  11th: Arthur Freeman is jailed for life for throwing his daughter, Darcey to her death from Melbourne’s highest bridge in a fit of rage over a custody battle.
April 12th: A 1938 comic featuring Superman’s debut that has been found in a storage locker in the US appears to be the copy stolen from Nicolas Cage in 2000, police say.
April 13th: The underground volcanic plume at Yellowstone in the US may be bigger than previously thought, according to geologists.
April 14th: Oscar-winning actress Catherine Zeta Jones receives treatment for bipolar disorder after husband Michael Douglas’s battle with throat cancer.
April 15th: Royal fans in the US can get themselves a lifelike Kate Middleton doll, as Rajesh Mirchandani discovered when he visited the Franklin Mint.
April 16th: Cuban military parades mark the 50th anniversary of the failed US invasion at the Bay of Pigs.
April 17th: In Yemen thousands of women have taken part in anti-government demonstrations – a day after President Ali Abdullah Saleh said the mingling of men and women at protests in the capital was against Islamic law.
April 18th: Simon Cowell will not appear as a weekly judge on the forthcoming series of the UK version of The X Factor, ITV confirms.
April 19th: Cuban politicians gathered at the Communist Party Congress vote to allow people to buy and sell their homes for the first time in five decades.
April 20th: BHP Billiton, the world’s biggest miner, warns that floods are continuing to affect its coal operations in Australia.
April 21st: Detainees at one of Australia’s main immigration detention centres in Sydney set fire to several buildings during an overnight riot.
April 22nd: Belgrade Zoo has welcomed the addition of 4 rare white lion cubs on Monday, which are a rare mutation of a species found in South Africa and are facing extinction.
April 23rd: Thousands of plant enthusiasts flock to the city of Basel to see a giant, stinky flower bloom for the first time in Switzerland in 75 years.
April 24th: Landslides and floods triggered by torrential rain have killed at least 10 people in southern Brazil, officials say.
April 25th: Australia and New Zealand remember their war dead on Anzac Day, with the leaders of both countries attending ceremonies abroad.
April 26th: Applications for London Olympics tickets “hit the roof” as the deadline approaches, according to organisers.
April 27th: An anonymous US-based donor gives a multi-million dollar Picasso painting to the University of Sydney, stipulating that the proceeds of its sale must fund scientific research.
April 28th: Actress Katie Holmes settles a legal claim with a US celebrity magazine over an article that falsely suggested she was a drug addict.
April 29th: Prince William and his newly titled bride the Duchess of Cambridge kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, as more than a million people descend on central London for the occasion.
April 30th: New bodies are found in the southern US taking to 340 the number of deaths from this week’s tornadoes – among the worst in US history.

It’s no doubt that the most talked about event in April was the Royal Wedding. The guests, the invitation, the ceremony, the dress and mostly, Pippa Middleton. Whether you watched it or not, there was no way to avoid it.

Was the Royal Wedding the main event for you in April?

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