The Year in 365 Sentences: May 2011

Welcome to May

May 1st: Hong Kong introduces a minimum wage that is expected to benefit 270,000 low-paid workers, or around 10% of the working population.
May 2nd: One of two flight recorders from an Air France plane that crashed in 2009 off the coast of Brazil has been recovered, French search officials say.
May 3rd: US President Barack Obama has received a standing ovation at a bipartisan dinner at the White House following the death of al-Qaeda’s leader, Osama Bin Laden, who was killed in a top secret operation which he ordered.
May 4th: Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park, land 14 Tony nominations in the US for their stage musical The Book of Mormon.
May 5th: Former US child star Jackie Cooper, who went on to play the Daily Planet editor in four Superman movies, dies aged 88.
May 6th: A row erupts in Australia over reports it plans to reopen a processing centre for asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea used under the “Pacific solution” policy.
May 7th: A Canadian police officer’s ‘slut’ comment sparks a wave of protest marches called “SlutWalks” across north America.
May 8th: Lionel Rose, who won the world bantamweight boxing title in 1968 and became the first Aborigine to be named “Australian of the year”, dies aged 62.
May 9th: Rescuers recover the last of 14 bodies trapped in a coal mine in northern Mexico, nearly a week on from a deadly blast.
May 10th: New Zealand says it is checking reports that a rare kiwi bird has been found thousands of miles from its native land in the Russian port of Sochi.
May 11th: A row over how to respond to ever shortening school skirts is brewing in South Korea, with one local education body planning to place boards in front of desks.
May 12th: Australia charges a man with people smuggling over the shipwreck tragedy at Christmas Island in December 2010.
May 13th: A bull trapped in a boutique in Brazil has smashed through plate-glass windows to escape.
May 14th: Azerbaijan is crowned the winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, while the UK finishes in 11th place.
May 15th: Australian police say a man who plunged seven floors to his death from an apartment balcony was participating in the internet craze of “planking”.
May 16th: The US shuttle Endeavour launches on its final mission, which will see it haul a $2bn particle physics experiment to the International Space Station.
May 17th: A US appeal court rejects the Winklevoss twins’ attempts to have their legal settlement with Facebook declared void.
May 18th: A retired prison guard in the US beats his own world record by eating his 25,000th Big Mac, 39 years to the day after his first.
May 19th: A top German insurance company confirms to the BBC it held a party for salesmen in 2007 where prostitutes were offered to star salesmen.
May 20th: An ex-team-mate of seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong accuses him of using performance-enhancing drugs but Armstrong denies the claims.
May 21st: US atheists are to hold parties in response to an evangelical broadcaster’s prediction that today will be “judgment day”.
May 22nd: Australian actor Bill Hunter, known for his roles in Gallipoli, Muriel’s Wedding and Strictly Ballroom, dies aged 71 in Melbourne.
May 23rd: An Australian woman who had been discussing fertility treatments with her husband when he died is allowed to use his frozen sperm.
May 24th: Rare liger cubs – a cross between a lion and a tiger – are nursed by a dog in eastern China after their mother abandons them (see video here).
May 25th: A New Zealand truck driver falls on a compressed air hose and survives being “blown up like a balloon”.
May 26th: The part of the brain used by people who can “see like a bat” has been identified by researchers in Canada.
May 27th: Consumers in Germany are being urged to avoid eating cucumbers and tomatoes after a deadly outbreak of E. coli.
May 28th: Take That and Robbie Williams kick off the biggest tour the UK and Ireland have seen with a euphoric gig in Sunderland.
May 29th: An English council which has taken legal action against Twitter in the US over allegedly libellous comments in a blog is described as “Orwellian”.
May 30th: A UK council says Twitter has released information after it acted in a US court to identify a blogger behind allegedly libellous statements.
May 31st: Sean Kingston, the 21-year-old R&B singer is in hospital after crashing into a bridge during a water sports accident in the US.

The biggest news this month would be the death of Osama Bin Laden, who has been on the run since organising the terrorist attacks in the USA on September 1st 2001.
Bill Hunter’s death was also a big one. I remember walking past the cathedral in which his service was held and seeing the amount of people famous and otherwise who were gathered around mourning this huge loss to the Australian film and television industry.

What was your reaction to hearing the news that Bin Laden was killed?

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