The Year in 365 Sentences: June 2011

Welcome to June.

June 1st: Australia reports its biggest quarterly fall in gross domestic product in 20 years as floods and cyclones take their toll.
June 2nd: The lower house of congress in Argentina votes to ban smoking in all enclosed public spaces, as part of a comprehensive series of anti-tobacco measures.
June 3rd: The Australian government says it will send unaccompanied children to Malaysia for asylum claims processing as part of a controversial plan.
June 4th: MELBOURNE’S most exclusive social housing complex is giving residents million-dollar rooftop views, yoga classes and even a choir group.
June 5th: An Elderly man was killed by a train at Bonbeach station today.
June 6th: Explosion in smartphone gambling among youth a worrying trend
June 7th: Parliamentary Secretary for Trade Justine Elliot has announced a new brand for Australia’s international education sector, Future Unlimited
June 8th: At least 22 people die after the bus they were travelling in falls into a ditch and catches fire in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
June 9th: Julia Gillard holds out on Dalai Lama meet ahead of his Melbourne visit.
June 10th: A gay venue in Collingwood has won the right to ban women to ensure its patrons are not subjected to attempts by predatory females to turn them straight.
June 11th: Two youths have died on Victorian roads, just hours into the start of the long weekend.
June 12th: Flights to and from Melbourne, Tasmania and New Zealand have come to a halt as Australian airlines take no chances after a plume of volcanic ash from Chile’s Puyehue volcano was detected in their airspace.
June 13th: Defence Minister Stephen Smith has hit Australian cricket selectors for six over the decision to axe fellow West Australian Simon Katich as a contracted playerMiley Cyrus
June 14th: Disgraced player manager Ricky Nixon landed in hot water at St Kilda hotspot Hotel Barkly after he blew his top at the venue’s private photographer.
June 15th:  Victorian contestant Mat Beyer was booted off MasterChef Australia amid fears he might have been accessing recipes secretly.
June 16th: The longest lunar eclipse for a decade took place this morning, turning the Melbourne sky a stunning blood red colour.
June 17th: Simon Overland quits: Ted Baillieu presides over a dark day – Jeff Kennett
June 18th: The meat industry was resorting to the same arguments as slave traders 200 years ago in defending live cattle exports, speakers told a public rally in Melbourne today.
June 19th: Kevin Rudd will mark the first anniversary of what he calls his “assassination day” with a lavish shindig at his $2 million mansion.
June 20th: Tony Guerra dies trying to save daughter in Sorrento house fire
June 21st:Visiting American teen sensation Miley Cyrus has confirmed the worst-kept secret in Tinsletown – she is back in the arms of Aussie hunk Liam Hemsworth.
June 22nd: A fare evader says he was attacked by up to six ticket inspectors as he got off a tram in the city.
June 23rd:Woman hit and killed by tram on St Kilda Rd
June 24th: Pictures taken by a Chilean air force plane show smoke and ash are still spewing from the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano in the south of the country.
June 25th: Thousands of Commonwealth Bank customers were left frustrated today after a technical glitch blocked access to their money.
June 26th:
Some 15,000 people who thought they had secured London 2012 Olympics tickets in the second round of sales told they will not receive them after all.
June 27th: Faker frontman Nathan Hudson claims homophobic attack in Tasmania
June 28th:
Fog is persisting over Melbourne’s west this morning but the weather bureau says it will lift by noon.
June 29th: A Spooky fog creeping slowly across Melbourne is a rare freak of nature, the weather bureau says.
June 30th: Police concerned about similarities between an abduction attempt and the disappearance of Boronia schoolgirl Siriyakorn ‘Bung’ Siriboon

The fog that creeped through Melbourne was what i remember of June. I remember driving to work one morning and realising that i couldn’t actually see more than about 10m ahead of me, which is scary when you’re on a freeway doing 100km/h with trucks and cars all around you. Here is a photo of the fog.

Melbourne Fog

Fog really freaks me out for some reason. I think it’s due not being able to see far around you but you can see clearly immediately around you. It’s weird!

Is there a weather phenomenon that freaks you out?

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