My Approach to 2012

This post is inspired by Ten Things I Won’t Do in 2012

2011 went by so quickly that I honestly have no idea what I did with myself for the past 12 months. But I did learn a few things and have a few thoughts of what I want to achieve in 2012.

Here they are:

  • I won’t force myself to do something I don’t want to do:
    Whether this means that I miss out on the “omg, that was such a great night” night, or everyone thinks I’m lame, I don’t really care anymore. Generally when I force myself to go somewhere, I don’t have a good time so why am I doing it? Because I feel like I’m expected to. But I’m not. Besides, if anyone expects me to be somewhere and I’m not, then they’ll get over it. If they don’t, well, it’s not my problem.
  • Going to the gym actually does give me more energy:
    I became a converted gym fan last year. I joined in July 2011 and haven’t looked back. My eating and fitness has improved and I don’t feel so sluggish anymore. Besides, cheaper pole dancing classes… score!
  • I’m going to stop justifying my decisions to people who don’t actually need an explanation:
    A simple “no” should be sufficient. I feel like in this day and age we need an explanation for everything, but really, it doesn’t even matter.
  • I’m not going to smoke:
    In Oct 2010 I quit smoking after doing it on and off for 10 years. But I’ve cheated. Not that many times (maybe 2 a month since then) but enough to make me feel gross the next day. I shouldn’t need a reminder as to why I no longer smoke every couple of weeks.
  • I’m going to save more money:
    I live at home, have barely any expenses yet barely save. What I have in my bank account, whilst good, is still appalling considering I’m 25 and have about $600 a month in expenses. My own house… here i COME!
  • I’m going to stop worrying about how my life compares to others on Facebook:
    I occasionally suffer from jealousy on facebook because it seems like everyone is always having such a good time compared to me. But honestly, I don’t like clubbing, I don’t like going out with tons of people and I don’t enjoy drinking to get drunk. I don’t like cold nights, waiting for cabs and drunk people. What someone portrays on facebook can be so far removed from who that person actually is.
  • I’m going to stop expecting my partner to be the man I want him to be:
    (that sounds much worse than I mean it to) I expect him to be romantic, ambitious, caring, and provide for me (in the traditional sense) which he’s not and doesn’t always do. And from the start he hasn’t been or done any of those things. Yet I still fell in love him and it’s selfish of me to expect him to change after 9 years. I know he loves me and has his own way of showing it and I will be grateful for that.
  • I will be more positive:
    This is the one that I think will be my most difficult. I have a tendency to think negatively but over the last year that has slowly changed and I’ve been having more positive thoughts than negative. I’m going to continue this despite it being hard.
  • I will not stop judging people who can’t dress themselves:
    Leggings are not pants, I don’t want to see your vagina because your short shorts can be mistaken for underwear and yes I will laugh when you fall over whilst wearing ridiculously high heels in stupid places. Also, groups of Hipsters together just look wanky. Being Individual does not mean trying to look edgy and alternative. Get your definitions straight!
  • I will find a job I love:
    Where I am appreciated and not expected to do the work of 4 people instead of just my own. Where I enjoy what I’m doing and don’t dread getting up every morning before work.
  • I will find a place to volunteer:
    I’ve been trying since 2009 to find a place to volunteer, but for some reason it just hasn’t worked out. This year will be the year that it will.
  • I’m going to learn to love to cook:
    With my aim to save more money, i need to eat out less. A lot less.

What did you learn in 2011? Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?

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6 Responses to My Approach to 2012

  1. Emma says:

    In 2011 I learnt that I don’t need to do everything my friends are doing. Like you, I’m not a fan of clubs so I stopped going out and I’m so much happier for it. I also learnt that I can do anything.

    My resolutions for 2012 are to learn French (I’ve already booked into a course so, so far so good!), keep going to the gym (I’m addicted and go daily, but start full time work in feb and don’t want to get lazy), save up more (house deposit, like you!) and to make more time for friends and family, I tend to get very wrapped up in my boyfriend… I’m excited for 2012!

  2. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll 🙂

  3. sagestylista says:

    I just saw that you are now following my blog- thank you so much! I simply had to come over and check yous out… Alas, I have to rush out the door in five seconds so I could only afford a quick scroll (to be revisited…) but the first thing that jumped out at me was this post- and your choice to be positive.

    Brava, brava, brava! You’ve got me.

    Someone wrote a negative comment on one of my pieces (relating to female body image, women vs. women, self-acceptance and accepting others), and at the end of my length response was:

    “Honestly, I believe in self-acceptance and that beginning with that, accepting others becomes easier, and this applies to the inner and outer. Like Eleanor Roosevelt said “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” I am not saying I know all the methods on how to achieve this- I am just acknowledging that it DOES stem from our mindset, and tuning into this and choosing to change the way we think of ourselves and others, is the start. I’m not saying it’s easy, but then I don’t believe that it being difficult, is a reason to not even try.”

    Thank you for acknowledging that just because it is hard, it’s not a reason to give up (or condemn those who try.

    You have my full support here, and I cannot wait to revisit your blog with a good cup of tea 🙂

  4. sagestylista says:

    *apologies for all the typos… Running and touch screens = tricky mix!

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