Random Thoughts

Today has been so random! But i’ve had some good news. I got accepted into Uni again. I originally applied for a Masters in Health Promotion and wasn’t successful as a CSP student (where the government pays for part of your course). Stupidly i didn’t even bother applying as a Fee-Paying student (where the student pays the full amount) but I was  contacted and offered a place in the Certificate of Health Promotion which can easily become a Masters so yay! It’s all off campus which is brilliant for me as I just don’t learn in a classroom setting.


I have so much going on in the next few months. So many concerts and appointments and weddings! I’m promising myself not to buy a new dress for any of the weddings as I have 3 dresses at home that are yet to be worn anywhere that are more than appropriate for weddings.And shoes. No.More.Shoes!

Concerts I’m going to:

and 360.
I don’t know who 360 is, hence the lack of picture but besides him (them??!! i honestly don’t care) basically everyone I’m going to see is from when i was the ages of 12 – 16!
I’m very excited!


Work is still not great. I’m not challenged, i find myself annoyed at the other staff more often than not, I find that I’m taking on more and more work whilst the other staff and doing less and less and my favourite team member is leaving early February.  I usually blamed everyone around me for the way I feel at work but then realised that my approach wasn’t helping the situation either. I did some online training in customer service at the end of last year (which, quite frankly, is terrible) but picked up a couple of points that I could relate to and funnily enough, they seem to be working. I’m not getting annoyed at people on the phone as often(I work in a call centre) and I don’t let bad calls bother me anywhere near as much.

A woman last year called me a “mother-f*cking b*tch” because she asked me for something that I didn’t know about and couldn’t answer her with what she wanted and for the rest of that day I took it out on every single caller. This morning a woman told me that I was “most un-helpful” because again, I couldn’t help her (FYI, if you’ve done no research, and called someone expecting them to do everything for you, despite it being nowhere in their job description, or despite you not even knowing what you want, do not abuse them or call them names).  Instead I was just super nice to her and eventually she went away and I just brushed it off.

I’ve realised that in the scheme of things, what I do is really not important. I’m not saving lives, developing cures to diseases, solving third world hunger, educating or ensuring public safety. So it’s ridiculous that I’ve allowed such trivial things to get to me like that. I don’t mean this in a “omg my life is not worth living” kinda way. I mean it honestly and realistically. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in what we do, but rarely do we stop and think about what it is we actually do. Most of it, is not important but all this has also made me realise that I don’t want to spend the better part of my waking hours in a job that I don’t love.

And that’s why I’m excited to be going back to uni, to do something that, although the course work probably won’t thrill me, the end result will. I can’t wait until I’m in a position to really make a difference in something that i care about and hopefully be in a position to pass on this passion to others.

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