You ran, and now you’re dead. Who’s fault is it?

Over the past few months there has been alot of talk about police pursuits of drivers who are doing the wrong thing.

On Tuesday, a young man in his twenties was killed as he was a passenger in a car that was in a police chase. Although it is a tragedy, I can’t feel sympathy for this person. And I can’t agree with the notion that police chases should be banned.

Why is our society so bent on protecting those who insist on doing wrong? I’m sick of hearing of people who commit terrible crimes not being named or getting off with lenient sentences whilst victims and the victim’s family have to go through a horrible ordeal that probably doesn’t seem worth it half the time.

To the people who don’t want police chases, what are the reasons other than death? Would you think differently if one of your family members or friends were killed by an irresponsible driver and then you found out that the cops made no attempt to stop them?

These idiot drivers and passengers wouldn’t have been killed if they weren’t doing the wrong thing in the first place and you know what? It’s nothing to do with cops stereotyping or pigeon-holing or any of that crap! I am randomly pulled over or randomly breathalyzed at least once a month. For the last 5 years. My record stands at being breath tested/randomly pulled over 3 times in 1.5 hours. Not once, but twice. I’ve also been breathalyzed in the same spot 3 times over 24 hours. By the same cop.

Clearly I have nothing to hide which is why i stop. And you know what? I’m a 25 year old female who doesn’t drink and drive, who doesn’t do drugs, who doesn’t carry weapons, who doesn’t have illegal modifications on my car, who drives a charcoal mazda 2, who doesn’t speed, has always worked, a degree and a stable family life. I’m also polite and friendly when stopped and don’t give attitude or make smart ass comments. Clearly I am not someone that cops would stop on suspicion of doing something. I’ve also been randomly weapons tested at the train station twice in one day. So all these people complaining about stereotypes, it’s not true.

But what is the solution? Do cops stop chasing and just let people doing the wrong thing disappear and make them think that their behaviour is ok? Licence plates are no use because they’re easy to take off or modify. And besides, most drivers who run from cops are driving stolen cars anyway.

I personally don’t think car chases are the ideal situation but honestly, I’d prefer the person doing the wrong thing to end up wrapped around a pole instead of an innocent bystander being killed.

When is responsibility going to fall back onto the people who are doing the wrong thing? I remember reading an article in the Herald Sun in December about a similar story where a guy who was unlicensed, stole took his parent’s unregistered car and drove off. Didn’t stop when cops signalled him to, a chase happened for 20 seconds before it was called off and then he crashed and killed himself. And you know what? His parent’s didn’t even blame their son for doing the wrong thing. Couldn’t even admit he did anything wrong. It was all the cop’s fault. Apparently personal responsibility doesn’t matter if you end up dead.

I have very strong views on this subject. I think drink drivers are one of the most disgusting, selfish people out there. I wish people who drink and drive and take drugs and drive for that matter, would first get in their car, about 500m away from a solid brick wall, get their car from 0 – 100km/h in a matter of seconds and slam straight into that wall.Cuz that’s exactly what they’re going to do to someone else.

And no, I’ve never lost anyone to drunk driving so i have no idea where this feeling comes from, but hearing and seeing how many people just don’t care about other people fuels my anger.

I understand it’s hard to admit doing something wrong, or admitting that someone you love has done something wrong and now has to deal with the consequences.

But i hate that our society is about blame. Idiots who die because they’re running from the cops have no one to blame but themselves. They’ve had so many opportunities to stop what they were doing and they *chose* not do. They had a choice. They made it. No one else did.

It’s a different story for passengers, but i find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t know what the driver would do if a situation like being pulled over happened. And i also find it hard to believe that most wouldn’t have known that the car was stole/driver had weapons/was drinking or on drugs or any number of others things. We all know our friends pretty well and I can pretty much gauge who would do what in whatever situation. Passengers don’t have as much of a choice but they still had the initial choice of not getting into the car.

Death is always a tragedy. Especially for something as stupid as speeding or running from the cops. But stopping police pursuits is not the answer. I have no idea what is. Maybe a culture of personal responsibility is the answer. I don’t know.

All i can hope is that I, or anyone i love who is responsible and considerate of other people’s lives isn’t caught up in any crossfire.

What is your view on this issue? Do you support police chases? Do you think we just don’t rely on personal responsibility anymore?

If you’d like to read a more eloquent, articulate piece on the topic that inspired this post, please click here.  It’s written by Kieran Walshe, Victoria’s acting police Chief Commissioner.

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