Fold or Scrunch?

Toilet behaviour is not really a thing I get into discussions about, but somehow last weekend it happened. Discussion for the most part was focused on one topic.

The fold or scrunch.

Yes, riveting stuff!

I fold. Not sure why, just seemed to make the most sense. My friend Y, was adamant that folding was a waste of time. Yes you read that right. A waste of time! What other things she is doing whilst on the toilet, i have no idea. But she clearly has no spare time to waste. Folding doesn’t take long. Soon as your cheeks hit the seat, grab some paper, fold and you’re ready. Takes no more than 5 seconds.

Scrunching seems weird and harsh to me. Like sandpaper. On your delicate parts. Ouch.

I just don’t get it. I assume you’ll use more paper as well??? I’m not sure.

I will say, it did make for fascinating conversation. It was interesting to hear other people’s bathroom habits. And interesting how passionate people were about it.

Do you have enough time to fold, or are you too much in a hurry and scrunch?

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One Response to Fold or Scrunch?

  1. Omg this is hilarious! I would say I’m a weird combination of the 2….

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