Favourite 4 Concerts

I have alot of concerts coming up in the next couple of months. So i’ve decided to compile a list of my favourite concerts!

In no particiular order

  • Unwritten Law
    Unwritten Law are probably my favourite band. I love them! So So So Much. Every single time they’ve come to Australia since I was 13, I’ve been at their show.

    Cailin – Unwritten Law

    This song was written about the lead singer’s, Scott Russo’s, daughter Cailin.

    Their concerts have always been amazing. I remember meeting them at the Corner Hotel in year 8 or 9 and they signed so much stuff and were so friendly and nice! Last time I saw them was in March 2011 and man it was insane!  Such a great sound, vibe, amazing stage presence and really good interactions with the crowd. I’ve always come out of their gigs with no voice and lots of bruises!!
    I’m seeing them twice in a matter of 3 days! Feb 29th and March 2nd. Can’t Wait!

  • Hilltop Hoods
    Man, Hilltop Hoods. They are excellent in concert. Usually better at the smaller venues but each of their shows that I’ve been too have just provided the best atmosphere.

    What a Great Night (Restrung) – Hilltop Hoods

    Hilltop did an album with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra ala Metallica and Symphony>

    Again, always come out with no voice and bruises!

  • Christina Aguilera (Stripped Tour)
    I went to the Stripped Tour with my cousin. I wasn’t a fan of Xtina at the time and only went because my sister already had tickets so couldn’t take her. This was the night I was converted to an Xtina fan and it was this song that did it to me.

    Walk Away – Christina Aguilera

    Since that night, I’ve loved Xtina. Her concert was incredible. The dancing, the costumes, her voice. God, her voice live is nothing like I’ve ever heard.

  • Venga Boys
    So, I saw them last night at the Corner Hotel, and honestly I’ve never had *so* much fun at a concert. The support band was a band called “The Herbs” who are a Spice Girls rock tribute band (check them out here!). Pretty sure they will be my wedding band! Also the music they played between sets was all 90’s stuff, things like LaBouche, Real McCoy, Eiffle 65, Aqua, CDB, Sash and so much more. I felt like I was in “A Night at the Roxbury!”

    We Like to Party (The Venga Bus is Coming) – Venga Boys

    It was so much fun and it was so lame but it makes me miss the days of 90’s music where it was fun and never taken so seriously. Where you could dress outrageously but not to make a statement, just because it’s who you are. I made friends with an outrageous drag queen. Gosh she was stunning! Honestly, best fun I’ve had at a concert! Going to see if anyone is selling tix to the sold out Sunday show now!!

What have your favourite concerts been?

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4 Responses to Favourite 4 Concerts

  1. sagestylista says:

    Favourite concerts… Beyoncé, without a shadow of a doubt.

    That woman is all sass, style and supreme talent. The sheer energy, physical and emotional, that she pours into her vocals, dancing and presence is INSANE. Her technical abilities, and ability to improvise, as a singer prove that she has legit talent that can respected even from a classical standpoint (I’m a trained singer, musical-theatre :), so I have a LOT of respect for true vocalists!

  2. sagestylista says:

    Ahh, I love that even though you’re not a fan you can acknowledge her talent- respect is all anyone can ask for *breathes and is hopeful for humanity*. God, I know how dramatic I sound, lol, but it’s small things like this that remind me that the blogosphere is not FULL of haters! 🙂

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