Happy Monday!

I woke up this morning in such a good mood, as my work group were meeting at the Pancake Parlour for, you guessed it, Pancakes for brekky! Only i get to the station for the 7.03 am train to find it’s cancelled. Of Course.

Finally get to the pancakes and you know how there’s always that one person who, no matter what, just drives you insane and you just want to punch them in the face? Well that’s what happened to me this morning.

So now i’m in a bad mood because people calling are being rude but i need to shake it off and not worry about it

*positive thinking* *positive thinking* *positive thinking*

ok, done!

Yesterday went to the Australian Open, got a little sun burnt but it was really fun. Very spur of the moment which is what usually happens when Y and i are together. Which meant that i was not appropriately dressed. But what the hell!

So got home quite late and now i’m super sleepy from getting up 40minutes earlier than usual which doesn’t seem like much at all now that i think about it.

It’s going to be 34degrees here so for everyone in Melbourne, stay cool, out of the sun, wear sunscreen and hydrate!

Happy Monday Everybody!

About xxxMissVxxx

I'm Valentina. And I'm pretty awesome!
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