I have news.

Like really big, massive news.

Here goes…

*Deep Breath*

Eiffel 65 and N-trance are touring this year!

 You may remember Eiffel 65 from this song (there is a stupid K-Mart ad before the video loads):

And N-Trance by this song:

I am so excited! Seriously the 90’s are back! All I need is for S-Club 7, 5ive and East 17 (or E17 as they changed their name to) to also tour and this would have to be the most epic year of concerts for me!

Here is some S Club 7

Some 5ive

and some East 17

On a more serious note, I had an interview today for a mentoring program I’m interested in. I’ve been offered a place in the training which is a really good sign so here’s hoping it all works out! And my friend, after months of trying has finally scored herself a real job so yay for her!

Enjoy your Thursday! Its beautiful in Melbourne today!

Which are your favourite bands from the 90’s who you wish would tour again?

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I'm Valentina. And I'm pretty awesome!
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