Rimmel Kiss & Stay Lip Gloss – Review

I wrote a post with a brief section on the Cherry Blossom Kiss & Stay that I received in my I Love This Box.

I loved it so much that I decided to order some more, and I found a couple of colours from Amazon that looked amazing, so I thought I’d review them now that I’d received them. Firstly I’ll have a look at each individual colour and then I’ll mention the things that relate to all the colours.

Cherry Blossom, Desert Beauty, Dream On

Top to Bottom: Cherry Blossom and gloss, Desert Beauty and gloss, Dream on and gloss

Cherry Blossom:

This colour is amazing. It is such a bright red colour but the main problem I found is that the brush is not precise enough. Although it is a lip gloss, the colour stains and so removal is difficult without having to remove everything.

You need a really precise brush because the colour is so bright and noticeable that every mistake is enhanced and is made really obvious. I had trouble making sure the peak of my lips were even as well as the outer corners of the mouth. The gloss that’s associated with Cherry Blossom is clear and isn’t the least stickiest of glosses however the brush doesn’t fray which makes application easier.

Pros: Gorgeous lasting colour and gloss. This colour lasted approximately 4 hours, including eating, talking and kissing without having to reapply the gloss. The colour itself lasted at least 7 but I took it off after 7 as I was going to bed. Application of the gloss is really easy.

Cons: It’s sticky and feels quite uncomfortable on my lips. You also have to be super precise with your application. Really difficult to remove.

Overall I give Cherry Blossom an 8 out of 10.

Desert Beauty

Desert Beauty is a pinky colour that is actually quite subtle but looks amazing on. The gloss that matches it is a glittery pink. It reminds me of the colour that tween girls generally pick when they buy lip glosses. The colour stains quite well and unlike Cherry Blossom, you don’t have to be as precise because although the colour is noticeable, it’s not as in your face. The colour lasted approximately 4 hours.

Pros: Looks really good on and the gloss can be worn separately or on top of the colour.

Cons: The brush for the gloss frayed the first time I used it, meaning that not only were my lips glossed but so was part of my face. This gloss is quite sticky, making application difficult, and I would assume it would still be with a non-frayed brush.

Overall I give Desert Beauty a 5 out of 10.

Dream On

I love this colour so much. I much prefer more neutral tones as I can wear them to work and this brown is beautiful to me. The gloss that matches it is a pearly/oyster pink colour which is really similar to the Oyster Pink nail polish I purchased from Rimmel last week. The colour lasted approximately 7 hours.

Pros: Love Love Love the colour as it’s suitable for work as well as out. The gloss makes the colour really shine and stand out which is the effect that I’m usually after.

Cons: The gloss is by far the stickiest of all. It’s so sticky to the point of making it quite hard to apply smoothly. The gloss colour is gorgeous but unfortunately it’s just not practical. The brush also frayed making application difficult and I was also left with white dry bits on my lips from where I imagine the gloss dried in clumps.

Overall I give Dream On a 6 out of 10.

The Kiss & Stay glosses do make your lips feel uncomfortable. In terms of time they aren’t the most efficient because you do need to wait for the colour to set before applying the gloss and this can take a couple of minutes. Again the glosses can be quite sticky depending on the colour you get and they don’t hydrate your lips at all. Instead it feels as if the moisture is draining away from them. My advice is to make sure that before using, that your lips are really hydrated because taking off some of the colours can leave your lips feeling really dry and rough. The base colour can also enhance the cracks and dry bits of your lips if they aren’t hydrated and exfoliated. My biggest negative though is that I can’t seem to find a single store in Melbourne that sell them.

However it is not all negative. The colours do stay on for a vast amount of time through different every day activities which is a bonus if you want to wear colour but can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to reapply as often as you’d like. I did find that I can apply other glosses on top of the colours and this seems to make application easier as I chose to use things like Palmers Cocoa Butter Cherry gloss and it makes my lips feel like they still have some moisture.

Overall I give them a 6 out of 10.

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