Happy Monday

I’m having a bit of a dilemma regarding money. I’m starting uni again, well today is technically my first day. I don’t qualify for Fee-help so I have to pay everything upfront. Which is $5000 by next week and another $5000 at the start of semester 2. Books are going to cost me about $400 per semester.

I also still have alot of dental work to undertake. Approximately $6000 over a 6 month period. I don’t have enough in my savings to pay for everything and I think I could just manage but I don’t know if I want to go back to living on the bare essentials again. I could get a loan but the interest rates in all the loans I’ve looked at are beyond ridiculous. I’m lucky that I live at home and my parents had been really good with helping me pay for my dental work, but dad’s been out of work since November and I don’t want to ask them to fork out another $6000 when they probably have more important things to spend their money on. Like, the mortgage and basic living essentials.

So, I don’t know what to do. I have one week to decide about uni. I do want to study but I’m not sure if I want to study because I’m bored or because I really want to do this course. And I can always go back next year. Even halfway through this year potentially. At least then I can save money this year knowing that I may have to pay up front next year and if I don’t, well then I’ll have more in my savings than I may have assumed.


On another note, I went into Priceline today and DIDN’T BUY ANYTHING! I’m incredibly proud of myself especially as Rimmel had buy 2 get 1 free, Sukin had 20% off and Australis had 25% off everything! So very proud of myself!.

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I'm Valentina. And I'm pretty awesome!
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