It’s only Tuesday…

I’ve officially taken my leave of absence for uni this year.

I’m actually really sadden that I had to do it, but alas, $10,000 didn’t magically appear in my bank account and I didn’t win tattslotto on Saturday night (side note: I actually played so it’s not like it couldn’t have happened!) so, no uni for me this year. But I still have the books so maybe a little light reading and then I can be super awesome for next year!

Had a long weekend however as I already have Monday’s off, it was the same 3 day weekend I normally have. Didn’t do much. Tried to avoid the boyf’s place because they are moving and everything is chaotic and psychotic.

Someone last week wrote in a complaint about me at work. Said that my tone was rude and that I wasn’t helpful. My voice was gravely, it’s true, because I went to a few concerts and the yelling and smoking did some damage to my throat, making it difficult to speak in anything other than a monotone. But I’m pissed he said I wasn’t helpful. How helpful can you be when every single suggestion you make is shot down and they refuse to give you any details to work with? There’s only so much I can do with so little information. Nothing will come of it which is good but what a shitty way to start the day.

Anyway, as there’s been barely any jobs that I want to do (even barely want to do) or that I want to do but I’m under qualified for, I’m going to continue to play tattslotto so hopefully I can resign from this job!

That’s my plan of attack! I hope it works!

Now I’m looking at hairstyles because I want to cut my hair. There’s really not much to do as I don’t want to hack it all off again. The only real options are layers and/or a fringe of some sort. LAME. I miss my old hairdresser. I wonder if he still works there… Maybe I should go pay a visit. I just want a change but no colour. I still have bits of faded copper in my hair from about 3 years ago!

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