Face of Australia

Yesterday it was pay day, so of course I went for a little visit to Priceline.

I bought a few different things, I can’t remember them now but I purchased two Face of Australia Products: Eye Primer ($7.95) and Face Primer ($12.95).

I’ve heard from soooo many people that eye primer is a must, but didn’t really worry about it to much as I don’t wear strong colours on my eyes so you can’t really tell if it runs or creases up. There were two to choose from. One was a sparkly one which I didn’t buy based on the fact that I hate sparkles (seriously, they just get everywhere!) and the other was a matte creamy/beige colour (I always find make up products that tend to be a base hard to describe in colour). So I purchased that one.

Face of Australia Eye Primer ($7.95)

I don’t love it. True, I’ve only used it once this morning but I used my normal eye shadow and it’s actually creased whereas previously it never has. The colour had basically completely worn off by lunch time when generally this would not happen. I found the application difficult as it was thicker than I expected and I couldn’t smooth it on properly. I may just be retarded but I didn’t like it at all this morning.  Price wise, it’s reasonable but then again, is it reasonable to spend money on a product that you don’t like or in my case, can’t seem to work out? No, probably not. BUt then again, I bought a product now knowing what it was like and only spent $8 on it so it’s not a total loss. I’ll give it another go for the rest of the week, maybe with different textures and colours and see how they go. I may also try eye liner and see how the primer fares with it.

The Face Primer, on the other hand, I loved! LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED! I’d

Face of Australia Face Primer ($12.95)

previously been using a the Nude by Nature Primer which had worked well considering I didn’t pay for it. But I knew I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase the Nude one again. The Face of Australia Primer had a really smooth texture, is SPF 15+ (BONUS) and blends in so nicely. It’s a white colour which is nice as I looked at some of the other brands and theirs were orange, like fake tan orange and that was really unappealing despite the colour disappearing on application. In terms of how well it works, well the Nude by Nature one worked well and this one is too. I like that it is oil free, I like that it has sunscreen in it, and I like that it also moisturises. I quite like the black packaging that Face of Australia seem to have going on. I’m definitely happy with this product and at that price, why wouldn’t you be. Hopefully this isn’t a fluke and it turns to shit later but like the eye primer, it’s only $13 so not a huge loss if I hate it. I can just give them both to my friend who loves hand me downs if I decided to replace them in the near future!

Do you use primer and eye primer? Which brands do you recommend??

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4 Responses to Face of Australia

  1. I havent tried the face primer but heard that its a dupe for the napoleon perdis auto pilot. You should try the Australis eye primer. Its amaxing! And only $12.95.

    • xxxMissVxxx says:

      I’m going to give the FOA eye primer a couple more days and if i still really hate it I’ll try the Australis one. It wasn’t too bad this morning so who knows!

  2. zoekatarina says:

    Do u put the face primer all over as a base for foundation? Can it work by itself to even your skin tone? Excuse ignorance. I never wear all-over concealer but want sthing light which will create a smooth tone. SPF is mega bonus!

    • xxxMissVxxx says:

      I have no idea! But the primer is to let your foundation set and hold for longer without providing any colour. Might be better off with a tinted moisturiser with SPF. Try the Face of Australia ones, they are brilliant. Priceline for like $12!!

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