Last night I went to the Aqua concert and it was incredible.

Barbie Girl

I had drinks after work for a friend’s going away (check out her blog here!), and the plan was to get dinner with another friend R and then go, but we stayed for drinks, I felt too sick to eat and so we skipped dinner. We headed to the venue around 8 in the pouring rain, except it was tropicalish, humid but wet. YUCK.

Anyway, ended up at Hungry Jacks because I figured I needed to eat, Whopper Jnr with Cheese is delicious.

Aqua were playing at the Palace, which is the old Metro in Bourke Street, Melbourne. Holds about 2000 people and it was a sold out show. I was a little worried it’d be a really late night as they were due to come out at 10.10 pm but the night before they were on an hour late! eeek

R and I got there at 9ish, just in time to check out one of the support bands, Radio Ink. They were really really good. Normally I don’t want to see the support band but Radio Ink had such an amazing presence, and Miss S, the singer has such an incredible vocal range. She sounds very much like Robyn (most people would know “with every heartbeat). She looked absolutely amazing in this killer silver sequin floor length, hooded cape- like jacket, a bright red crop top and bright blue, star spotted leggings (I assume leggings, they looked like they were painted on) and killer heeled boots!. Not only did they look great but they moved and sounded really good, and got the crowd going despite knowing that the majority of the crowd would have had no idea who they were. DJ’S Dic Money and Ronny Clark were hilarious as well, getting so into the music and making the entire show really enjoyable and memorable!

Scotty Don’t was the DJ playing between Radio Ink and Aqua (I believe he did a set before Radio Ink, however I wasn’t there for that) and played 90’s music. It’s was all very “A Night at the Roxbury!”

Aqua came on and seriously, could Lene look any hotter? It was very Gaga-esque, except she did it way before Gaga did! If I could only use one word to sum up the entire set, it would be FUN. It was so fun! They played for about 90minutes, mixing new with old, even re-mixing Candyman into a house mix which was excellent and definitely the highlight for me. Barbie Girl and Dr Jones were obviously well received but it was surprising how many of their new songs were received. Plenty of people seemed to know every single word, so clearly they’ve been doing well for the past 10 or so years. The band were so engaging and quite funny (although at times I had no idea what they were saying, but waved my hands in the air and screamed all the same). My highlight was when Rene came running up the stairs to the second floor (where I was) and stood like 5 metres from me! I love him, I wish I could marry his voice. I’d totally do him as long as he talked the entire way through! The photos weren’t very good hence why I haven’t put them up but it was amazing. It’s funny because this year I’ve been to quite a few concerts and Vengaboys and Aqua have been my favourites.

View from the stage, Thursday 15th March

Now I’m just trying to find someone to come with me to their next show next Wednesday. Any takers???

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4 Responses to Aqua!

  1. Ingrid says:

    I would so be there if I was in Melbourne. I love Aqua and I used to be so proud that Norway finally had a popstar. I had their music, video & listened to it all the time. Even now I will listen to some of their songs at the gym to get the body pumping. I am so pleased you had such a good time and 5% jealous because I would have loved to see them. THanks for posting about it because I feel like I was there xx

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