Hectic! Easter Weekend!

Yesterday I noted that I hadn’t posted anything new since Sunday 1st April. Have been so busy.

Run down of last week.

Monday: stayed home and job searched, like the shit out of seek. Didn’t find much but still

Rosemary and Garlic Roast Lamb - Picture and Recipe taken from http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/1717/rosemary+and+garlic+roast+lamb


have a few positions to apply for that haven’t closed yet. Didn’t go to my pole class as my shoulder and neck were playing up. Boyfriend comes over instead and we cook roast lamb with veggies for my parentals and for us to eat for dinner. Was delish!

Tuesday: worked. So understaffed that it’s not funny. The receptionist who is in our building was sent to help out at the other. Never mind that we now have 2 people a day working but apparently it doesn’t matter because what we do isn’t important. Still no word on the hiring of new staff.


This is how I felt all last week. Image taken from http://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/h/hectic_life.asp

Wednesday: Work again. Hectic because apparently it is now also part of my job (it isn’t) to check that each coordinator is passing on the right information to me (yea makes no sense right?). Massive mistakes on their part so have to contact over 50 students in less than 2 hours.  Go to boyfriends house for family dinner, except no one shows up. Lame.


Thursday: Work again. No one in. No one had bothered to tell me. Luckily T told me the night before she would be late but had no idea that my boss and other people in my team who aren’t in the call centre wouldn’t be in. Great communication hey? T brings in cakes for being late despite the fact that she was at the hospital for her daughter. T and I have an awesome day doing what we want an shutting down reception and the call centre to have morning and afternoon tea together. Go back to boyfriends after stopping by his work to get alcohol. See a boy I went to primary school with. Awkward. End up at the driving range, like golf driving range. Didn’t participate as shoulder and neck still sore. During day LJ tells me she won’t be coming to BBQ on Saturday but doesn’t want to talk about it. Say that’s fine and don’t think about it anymore.

Friday: hang around boyfriend’s place until his uncle and aunty get there, say quick hello


then drive to my place for Good Friday lunch. Boyf shows me text from his friend M saying he broke up with LJ. Awkward. M is family friends with boyf and LJ is one of my best friends. Stuck in the middle! Finish lunch and head to my best friends for dinner.  EJ burns the garlic bread but insists it’s still good to eat. It wasn’t. Dinner was amazing. Have heated discussions wtih EJ, KM and JE. JE cracks the shits and walks away as she tends to take everything personally. Crash the night. Send LJ a text saying heard about her and M, if she needs anything let me know.


Saturday: wake up about 7 am (as you do when you sleep on the floor) absolutely frozen. Go take the dog outside to find we left the side door wide open all night. whoops. Back to sleep. Boyf gets up a couple hours later and goes to 7/11 and heads back with a few pies and gatorade. Do a quick clean up (7 bottles of wine between 4 people…) get a phone call from LJ bawling her eyes out. Get dressed, head to maccas for food, back to boyf for shower then to LJ’s. She’s devastated and tells me what happens. Tell her all the cliche’s “You just need time,” “it’s for the best,” etc. Not helping too much but despite being in massive amounts of pain, she seems to be in a healthier place than others are after a break up. Head to bbq around 1.30. very cold and hungry. Don’t want to stay the night so stay sober. Good time but very tired. Boyf doesn’t want to leave but we do around 11 pm. Have massive fight in the car saying how selfish it is of him to keep me waiting when I’m tired and I’m the one who has to drive home. Get home, get in bed and fall straight asleep.

Sunday: wake up and leave straight away as I don’t want to talk to boyf. Go to LKs place as we’re going to Afternoon Tea at the Waiting Room in Crown. Was amazing!

Our Afternoon Tea

Scones with fresh cream and homemade strawberry jam and Jing tea.

Afterwards we went to DFO South Wharf for a bit of shopping as we had time to kill before our movie. Went to watch American Pie Reunion and it was really quite funny. Not as crude as the other movies but I preferred it to the first and second movie (haven’t seen the third one). Dropped LK home and invited myself up for a bit so we chatted. Left and went back to boyf’s place to find his brother and his girlfriend there. Had a massively late night again, til about 3.30 am as we watched the rugby and talked about heaps of stuff. Told LJ not to call/text me as my phone was dead. Only told her so she wouldn’t think I was ignoring her or anything. Finally went to bed.

Monday: Woke up around 11 am to the smell of bacon and eggs. Breakfast was delish.

Zoya Polishes - used each colour except Ciara and Demi which are the last two in the top row as I gave them to a friend for a birthday (had to use a rimmel polish too as I was only left with 9 colours for 10 nails!)

Watched Legion, weird movie with Dennis Quiad and Paul Bettany, who I love love love! Had a nap then went home, had a shower, washed my hair, face masked and painted my nails (using all my Zoya colours minus a couple) then went to bed and actually had to turn the electric blanket on because it was so cold. Wasn’t much tv on which was a pain so watched a bit of Buffy season 7 and then watched Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance or whatever it’s called. I love that show.


I’m hoping this week will be nowhere near as hectic. I’m so tired, feeling run down and I smoked so much over the last week. I do this when I’m stressed but I actually went out and bought a packet on Sunday night which I hadn’t done in almost 18 months. I left them at the boyf’s house so hopefully someone smokes them all there before I go back over. Yuck. Will be going to the gym tonight to try to make myself feel better due to all the drinking/smoking/eating I did over the weekend. Yuck.

How was your Easter Weekend?



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4 Responses to Hectic! Easter Weekend!

  1. Madeupmaiden says:

    Oh my, sounds like a busy one indeed! I have been having some dramas of my own, hence no posting for a week on my end either…fingers crossed we both get back to normal asap!

    Hope you’re well, it did sound like some great times in between though!

  2. Madeupmaiden says:

    Oh, and would love to see a photo of your multicoloured nails! 😀

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