Happy Monday!

I’m excited this week.

Last week I started working full time and it’s been a killer (i know FWP anyone??!! haha). I’m just not used to it but this week there’s a public holiday right in the middle of it! here I thought I’d get to sleep in but I’ve decided to go to the Dawn Service for Anzac Day this year. I’ve never been and I think it’s about time that I did. So I’m a little apprehensive due to the weather and the time but I think it will be incredible.

Weekend was really good. Friday night I went to my boyfriend’s because he bribed me with going out for dinner, except we never went as his mum cooked lasagna and I was craving pasta hardcore.

Went to the gym on Saturday morning and still feeling the pain, My personal trainer K, killed me so bad! Went home and had a nap as I was tired and watched a bit of Sister Act. Headed to my friend’s place to pick her up to go to see The Herd at the Corner Hotel! Except that we’re both massive bailers and decided to head in to Richmond, check out what time they played and then decide, they were on at 11.15 pm. I mean I know it’s a Saturday but I miss the days of afternoon concerts. So we went to South Yarra to Pancake Parlour to find that it’s no longer there. WTF! So then we went back to Melb Central and ate there and as we were coming home, it was about 10.45 so we decided to go tot he gig. Which was awesome. The downside was that this really drunk guy kept following me around and standing in front of me whilst I was trying to dance and watch. I mean I’m already short so it’s not like I can really see but it doesn’t help having some guy in front of me. Finally security told him to get away from me so that was good! I also had another drunk guy ask me on a date on the way to the gig which was also nice. Very flattering!

Anyway weekend was good and I hope this week is too!

Happy Monday everyone!

How was your weekend?

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I'm Valentina. And I'm pretty awesome!
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2 Responses to Happy Monday!

  1. Ingrid says:

    Happy Monday:)

    I just had a plain work weekend and am working on Anzac day too so I can’t go to the dawn service. I did see Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on the weekend and absoloutely loved it. X

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