It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts!

When I buy make up and skin care products, I think alot about how the chemicals and preservatives will affect my skin. As someone who has problem skin, I find certain products can really irritate my skin and worse, make me break out really badly.

So I tend to stick to natural products. Lately I’ve jumped on the Sukin bandwagon (visit their webpage here) as their products are natural and affordable. I’ve also been using coconut oil as moisturiser and applying manuka honey to my skin as a mask. Like Rosehip oil, Manuka honey on it’s own also makes me breakout for some reason but when mixed with natural yogurt it’s fine. But it made me wonder why I’m so picky about putting things on my face but not in my body.

Truth is, my diet is pretty average. Not great, but not terrible. I eat junk (as in pizza, maccas, hungry jacks etc) maybe once a week on average. Some weeks I won’t eat any, others I’ll have it twice or three times. I eat salmon or tuna with beans and cheese for lunch most days or sushi, have a good brekky, mostly eggs with avocado on toast or peanut butter on toast and either a protein shake or a tea. Dinner tends to be either fish, chicken or steak with either rice or mash potato. But it could be better.

Snacks are usually chocolate or biscuits and nowhere is my craving for junk worse than at my boyfriend’s place. His place is just filled to the brim with tim tams, icecream, desserts, chocolates, lollies and everything you could possibly want in your cupboards. All the foods there tends to be fried and quite fatty but still a decent meal. Clearly I’m not getting enough fruit and veg into my diet.

The worst of course is the junk food because although I crave it, I always know that I’ll feel like shit in a few hours. Just really heavy and bloated. And sluggish and wanting to vomit.

So I’ve decided I need to work on my eating habits. Since I quit smoking almost two years ago (let’s ignore the cheeky ciggie here and there) I have only been really sick once. I used to be sick every two months without fail for at least a week. A week of not being able to get out of bed because I was so weak. So I stopped smoking, starting going to the gym and exercising, started taking vitamin tablets to supplement my diet, taking olive leaf extract to improve my immune system, apple cider vinegar to help with digestion and recently fish oil tablets to help with my skin, hair and nails. Yesterday I decided to start adding coconut oil and manuka honey into my diet, which I now add to my tea 3 times a day. A teaspoon of each 3 times a day is probably not enough but it’s a start for now. The coconut oil makes your tea look really funny especially if you drink it with milk as you get that oily splotches in your tea but you can barely taste it!

I hope it works and I hope this new eating plan works out too. And that’s exactly what I need to work on. Planning my meals and preparing things to just grab on the way and know that it’s good for me.

Because honestly, what’s the point of looking after the outside when it’s the inside that counts!

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8 Responses to It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts!

  1. I’m a huge meal-planner! It makes eating healthy so much easier when you’re organised! I’ve been following the Michelle Bridge’s 12WBT and that is so healthy too – less carbs, lots of fruit and veg and limited calories….loving it. Life is better when you eat well x

  2. Ingrid says:

    I have a pretty bad diet and shift-work doesn’t help. I will be making more of an effort from now on, thanks for the push X

    • xxxMissVxxx says:

      Shift work is the worse for healthy eating! I remember when I was working two jobs, one of them I used to finish anywhere between midnight and 3 am and trying to find something decent to eat at that time is impossible! All you can do is try!!

  3. Madeupmaiden says:

    It’s so hard to eat healthy when life gets in the way sometimes, isn’t it?! I’m trying to be a bit healthier by incorporating more fruit/veg into my daily routine. I’m also planning to do a fruit/veg detox soon, just need to find the right time for it!

  4. Shanti says:

    Hey Val! 🙂
    Love your blog and this article is fab. By they way just wanted to ask you about the olive leaf extract …which brand do you use? I would like to get your reccomendations!
    also which brand of fish oil and multivitamins do you buy? Thanks,
    Hope all’s good out there xoxo

    • xxxMissVxxx says:

      How are you?? I miss you!!!
      Um, I’ll text you because I have everything at home and I’m at work right now. Usually I just buy whatever is on sale at Chemist Warehouse!
      Hope all is going well!! xoxox

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