Clever Uses for: Nail Polish

Nail polish is a product that I love. I’ve stopped myself from buying Rimmel products because I can’t remember which colours I already own and have many double ups from impulse purchases.

I’ve also always loved clear and sheer nude colours. My most recent purchase was a Sheer Nude Revlon product which needs a few layers but looks very French manicured without all the effort.

But clear nail polish is my favourite and not only can I paint my nails with them, I use it for a multitude of other reasons.

1. Fixing holes and ladders in stockings. No matter what, holes and ladders are inevitable when wearing sheer stockings. The moment you spot a rip or even a piece of thread, put some clear nail polish on it. It will stop the rip/hole getting any bigger. If it’s a lose thread, cut it off as close as possible to the stocking without causing a hole and put a blob of clear nail polish on top. Depending on where the hole/rip if, you should be able to reuse the stockings. Remember, don’t use too much as it will be noticeable when it dries.

2. Coating jewelry. I’m allergic to non-sterling silver earrings which is handy cuz I can tell when people give me crap as gifts! But there are so many earrings that are stunning that aren’t in sterling silver. If they’re not too intricate, coating them in clear nail polish will protect your ear lobes from touching the non sterling and allow you to wear them without infection. WIN!

3. Sealing old and crusty envelopes. A couple of blobs of nail polish and the envelope is sealed nice and tight and bonus, you don’t have to get that gross taste in your mouth!

4. My boyfriend goes camping and swears by this. Waterproofing your matches. Coat the flammable tips in clear nail polish to prevent them from becoming water logged. I haven’t tried it myself but he swears by it.

5. Rust Stains. Metal rings when left in the shower (shaving cans etc) can rust. To avoid this, simply coat the rings in clear nail polish and voila, no more rust.

6.Threading Needles. Simply run the thread through the nail polish brush a couple of times, rub with your fingers and it’ll dry almost instantly. This gives you a nice piece of thread that will be threaded immediately.

7. Similar to the earrings, clear nail polish can also coat costume jewelry as it will prevent the colour from tarnishing.

8. Shoelaces. Dip the ends of frayed shoelaces or rope in clear nail polish and it will stop it immediately.

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6 Responses to Clever Uses for: Nail Polish

  1. Ingrid says:

    How clever! I knew about the stocking trick (I use it often) but I had no idea about the others X

  2. Madeupmaiden says:

    Great tip, I knew about the stocking, coating jewellery and ‘sticking’ stuff but never knew about the others, particularly the waterproofing! Specially amused at the thought of your boyfriend painting all his matches with clear polish before going camping! 😉

    PS, Hope you’re well, haven’t seen/spoken to you in ages!

    • xxxMissVxxx says:

      haha it is amusing thinking of that, but when you realise it’s me who ends up polishing his matches then it’s not so funny!

      I know, we must arrange a catch up soon!!!

  3. Madeupmaiden says:

    Okay, well it MUST be love when you polish your man’s matches! 😉

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