Health and Beauty for: Your Skin

It’s slowly becoming winter and the change in weather can cause issues with your skin. Not just windchill and the coldness but it can also cause issues due to your own body temperature. Things such as keeping warm at night are so important when it’s cold but sleeping in too hot temperatures is actually incredibly bad for not only your body but your skin as well. Although tempting to sleep with your electric blanket on all night, this is not ideal as the heat will make you sweat, and if like me, you sleep on your face, you mix the bacteria from your pillowcase with the humid surface of your skin, causing a perfect breeding ground.

Bet you don’t want this guy sucking on your face whilst you sleep!
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So here’s a few things that you can do health and skin wise to ensure that your skin is just as protected in winter as in summer.


My favourite water!

  • Water. Make sure you are still drinking your 2 litres or more a day. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you don’t have to drink as much. Your body still sweats and it needs to be replaced. Also remember that if you exercise you should be drinking even more water. 2 litres is the basis. It’s also important to remember that some people count drinking tea or coffee as their water intake. This does not count. Tea and coffee are not as hydrating so although you can enjoy them, you still need 2 litres of water.
    • Bedding. Make sure you change your bedding at least once a week. Bacteria festers in your pillow case, especially if you sleep in make up or get really hot during the night.
  • Sleeping. Ensure that you are not too hot or too cold when going to bed. This will help you fall asleep and ensure you have a good (hopefully) 8 hours of sleep. If your body gets too cold or too hot during your sleep, you will likely wake up, thus affecting your quality of sleep.
  • Dust. Ensure that your room is clean. Dust mites and dust floating can cause allergies and irritations on your skin.

  • Eat well. It’s true. You are what you eat and for those who aren’t genetically blessed with perfection, it will show on your skin what you put into your body. I know it’s hard. I myself hate cooking and so will buy food for lunch most days and as much as I try to eat well, come 2 pm and I’m at Hungry Jacks scoffing down a Whopper with cheese and the next day or two? PIMPLES EVERYWHERE! Try to have your 2 fruits and 5 serves of veg a day. Or do what I do and buy/make a veggie/fruit juice. It’s not the equivalent but at least it’s something. I tend to have mine in the mornings on my way to work because I’m lazy and purchase my juices.
  • Exfoliate and Moisturise. This is important to ensure that all that loose, dead skin gets removed to reveal hopefully glowing skin. It’s usually best to moisturise straight after a shower but whenever you remember is still also good.


  • Clean Face. It’s important to ensure that your face is clean before you go to bed. This means removing all make up and cleansing, toning and moisturising.
  • Night Cream. It’s good to use a rich night cream before going to bed as it gives the product time to really penetrate into your skin. Remember that if you sleep on your face like I do, to put it on well before going to bed to let it at least soak in for a few minutes! This is also true with serum and eye creams.  But make sure you use the eye cream in the right spots (most products will tell you where to put that product) and not too much of it so you don’t wake up with puffy eyes and need to follow some of these instructions.
  • Masks. Masks can instantly refresh your skin, whether they be hydrating masks or deep clay ones. Make sure you use one for your skin type and as well for the type of problem you are having. There are many at home masks you can also try, ranging from products such as strawberries to aspirin to yogurt. The choices are endless.
  • Sunscreen. I cannot stress enough how important sunscreen is. Even in winter. Australia has a hole in it’s ozone layer so the UV rays get through. UV level can still reach 7-8 in the middle of winter and it doesn’t need to be a hot day for the rays to be high. Sunscreen will prevent premature aging, sunspots, uneven skin tone and pigmentation from occurring. Winter is the perfect time to get used to including sunscreen into your make up routine in the mornings.

What are some of your tips and tricks for good, clear skin in winter?

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4 Responses to Health and Beauty for: Your Skin

  1. Ingrid says:

    Aaaaah Valentina you are so clever:) I am already not sleeping in makeup (I just can’t) but I love your advice. I am currently trying to avoid a cold so I have been upping my hot water + lemon combo and wearing scarves everywhere X

    • xxxMissVxxx says:

      oh i live on hot water, lemon and honey during winter! The bad thing is the dentist tells me it’s bad for my teeth because of the acidity content. You just can’t win can you?!

  2. Madeupmaiden says:

    Great tips, lovely!
    I’m probably guilty of breaking some of these for sure!

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