Getting Ready in 10 Minutes*

The last few days my phone has been refusing to ring it’s alarm (despite many testings before going to bed) and so instead of going off at 6.20 am and snoozing for 20 minutes, then having a shower, a good healthy breakfast, and getting ready, I’ve been waking up at 7.20 – 7.30 am and having to jump in the shower, slap on some make up and leave. I’m usually very prepared and have managed to still leave the house by 7.45 am at the latest (I normally leave at 7.35 am).

Here’s how I’ve been able to get ready in record time!

  • Super quick shower (2 minutes).  Think back to the water restriction days. Quick clean, wash your face and get out. That’s all you need anyway.
  • Get Dressed (2 minutes). Prepping is key here. I pick out my clothes and shoes for the next day the night before. I check the weather and pick clothes that I know will keep me warm when outside but cool when inside.
  • Breafast (1 minute). Having Up&Go’s in my room and desk at work make it easy to grab a quick breakfast. Although not my idea of a balanced breakfast, they are filling and great for when you’re on the run (or late). I also try to grab a banana or apple to eat whilst I’m waiting for the train.
  • KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetie)(5 minutes). For makeup. Unfortunately this means skipping my one most important step. Sunscreen. I skip it because I use zinc and it needs to sit on your skin for a good 10minutes before putting anything else on it, otherwise everything slides off straight away. My normal routine is coconut oil, sunscreen, eat breakfast, primer, brush my teeth, floss, Listerine, mineral foundation, blush/bronzer, mascara, eyeshadow, eye liner and go. Late mornings it’s coconut oil, primer, brush teeth, foundation, mascara, eye liner (only sometimes) and go.

KISS! Because you don’t want to look like this!
Image taken from


Here’s two tips for once you’ve left the house.

  • If you catch public transport, always ensure you have enough money on your Myki or have a Metcard ready as this will save you having to wait in line to buy/top up. I buy 5 x daily tickets and on day 5, I buy a new one just in case I’m running late the next time (I know, anal right??).
  • Just because you are running late, doesn’t mean you need to drive in a hurry or recklessly. There is no need to risk the lives of others, or yours.

What do you cut down/out when you’re running late?

*Following these steps will not guarantee being ready in 10 minutes. Usually it’s more like 20 mins but still, that’s pretty good!

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3 Responses to Getting Ready in 10 Minutes*

  1. Ingrid says:

    It sounds like you have your routine down pat, I am impressed:) It is so annoying when the alarm doesn’t go off. Occassionally I will ask Mike to set an alarm for me too just to make sure I get up.

    When I run late I just settle for having an Up & Go on the way to the bus. I can always get a quick breakfast at work so it works well X

    • xxxMissVxxx says:

      My quick brekky ends up being Hungry Jacks which I try not to buy too often because I feel sluggish all day. It’s hard finding a quick, healthy brekky when you have to buy it last minute!

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