Eeewww Germy!!

With winter coming on it means that it’s sick season! I’ve already gotten sick (am still sick) and so there’s quite a few things I’ve been doing to help get myself better.

The first one is rest. I went home early on Monday and in all honesty, I really shouldn’t have gone to work in the first place but when you’re understaffed you feel bad but really, health is more important. I had Tuesday and today off and have barely left bed. I’m lucky that I live at home and that my mama has been looking after me (thanks mama) by making me lemonade, chicken soup and other healthy delicious things full of nutrients (see below).

The second is nutrients. I’ve stocked up on vitamins and other things that will help me get better. I go through my phases with vitamins. Sometimes I take them every single day for weeks and then all of a sudden I stop. But I’ve been taking my multivitamins, my apple cider vinegar, fish oil and olive leaf extract. It’s important to remember that vitamins and anything else you take are not to replace a balanced diet, but to enhance it.

The third thing to consider is your skin care. I find that constantly blowing my nose makes the skin around my nose dry and flakey. So I rub some rosehip oil on it after I blow my nose every single time. It doesn’t smell the best but I guarantee that you nose won’t peel nearly as much. It probably still will peel and crack but nowhere near as what you would normally experience. But anything can be used: moisturiser, vaseline, paw paw. Just anything that will replace the moisture and damage you’re doing.

The fourth thing I do is keep warm, even if I feel warm already. Every time I get out of bed I put a jacket on, slippers and a scarf. I’ve been drinking alot of water but mixing it with boiled water so it’s not too cold to drink. BUT this does not translate to really hot showers as they can make you worse. I also get nose bleeds when I have too hot showers whilst sick and this did happen to me tonight. You shouldn’t be having super hot showers anyway anytime!!

The fifth thing to do which I’ve touched on already is water. Drink lots and lots of water. Just keep drinking. I find it really easy to drink water when I’m sick because I usually get a very sore throat so liquid is key for me. If you don’t feel like drinking, mix a bit of lemon juice and honey in there to give it a bit more flavour and keep a bottle with you. Remember to clean your bottle after each use because you will be germy and don’t want them to linger.

Some other things to consider.

Wash your hands all the time. Anytime you blow your nose, go to the bathroom, touch a dirty tissue, wash your hands with soap and warm water and dry thoroughly.

Spray some Glen 20 if you want. I’m not sure exactly how much it helps but it makes my room smell cleaner and therefore convinces me that I’m getting better.

If you use lip gloss and you’ve been using one whilst sick, chuck it out. The germs will stay on there and can potentially delay you getting better. This goes for water bottles and anything else that goes near your mouth.

Don’t push yourself too hard. If you feel like staying in bed all day, do it. If you feel like not eating, don’t. Your body is actually really good at telling what you do and don’t need so listen to it when you’re sick.

The hardest one for me is not feeling guilty about taking time off work. If you are feeling unwell, stay home. It’s not fair on you and it’s not fair on your colleagues either. The sooner you rest up the sooner you’ll get better.

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2 Responses to Eeewww Germy!!

  1. Madeupmaiden says:

    Aw, sorry to hear you’re still not feeling better…but great tips though! I always miss my mum heaps more when I’m sick too!

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