Photo Friday


I’m finally back at my desk, in my office and I’m sooo happy about it!

Anyway, photos!

Last Friday I got my hair chopped off again. I don’t have a good before shot but then is an after shot (and after shot I mean that I took it last night, and not straight after the initial snip). I got my fringe back but I’m now starting to remember all the reason I decided to grow it out but I’m still loving it. I think it suits me so much more than no fringe.

I also purchased some new products from Priceline. I went in inititally to get some cleanser and moisturiser to keep at my boyfriend’s place as I’ve run out but found that they had a “Spend $50 or more on certain brands and get a gift bag worth $220.” Just like the beauty one they did a few months ago, it also came in a Model Co bag, a nicer one if you ask me.


The bag!


Some of the goodies

This photo includes: Innoxia Scar Tissue Oil, Playboy Deodorant, Avene Thermal Spring Water, Apivita Express Beauty with Carrot, Purist Pure Therapy, OXY Zit Blitz Gel, Softlips Lip Protection Sunscreen in Vanilla, Witch Blemish Stick and Dove Silky Nourishment Moisturiser.


More goodies

Biore Clean Things Up Nourishing Cleanser, Puretopia Body Polish, Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula and Neutrogena Ultimate Sport Sunscreen


and more

Reclaim Your Youth Skin Vitals Hydraflex, Yes to Facial Towelettes, Sukin Facial Moisturiser, Vaseline Aloe Fresh Total Moisture, Nivea Intensive Hand Cream and ulittle beauty Nourishing Hand Cream.

This is what I purchased in order to qualify for the Skin Goody Bag


Sukin Cream Cleanser, Sukin Facial Scrubm Sukin Purifying Facial Masque, Apivita Express Gold with Jelly, Palmers Aloe Vera Extra Rich Moisturising Gel, Palmers Cocoa Butter Dark Chocolate and Cheery Lip Butter (my absolute fave!!), Lady Jane Bobby Pins (for the fringe), Witch Natural Clear Blemish Gel, an Umbrella, Priceline Cotton Pads and Finesse Tissues (for those pesky train rides where all I do is sniff!).

My stuff in total cost me $69.90 which I thought was really good. I love Priceline.

Have a killer weekend!!

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5 Responses to Photo Friday

  1. Ingrid says:

    The fringe is beautiful! xx

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