Happy Monday!!


I’ve been so busy at work and at home that I’ve barely had time to post anything! But I’ve missed it.

This past week has been hectic. I’ve been doing heaps more work because we’re still understaffed and it’s amazing how even though I’m doing more, I leave feeling like I haven’t actually accomplished anything. I hate that feeling, especially because I always think I’ve forgotten to do something really important but hey, if you keep your team understaffed, then mistakes are bound to happen.

It’s my Birthday tomorrow. I’ll be 26 but I celebrated over the weekend and will continue to do so over the next two weekends. I am a bit annoyed as I started feeling really sick on Wednesday night and had to take Thursday off. Friday was my day off anyway but I had to go to the doctors to get a medical certificate and to also double check that this rash that I have is in fact Pityriasis Rosea (more on that later).  So on Saturday I was meant to go to ComicCon in Melbourne to see Fran Kranz (Dollhouse, Cabin in the Woods, The Village), Julie Benz (Buffy/Angel, Dexter) and Sean Maher (Firefly, Serenity) but I was so sick that I just couldn’t. Luckily my friend went but I was so jealous of her but being the awesome friend she is, got tickets to a screening of Cabin in the Woods with a personal introduction and Q&A with Fran Kranz last night which was super cool.

Anyway, went to the Railway Hotel for drinks which was really cool. A few people I was not expecting to show up at all did and that was so cool. I love when that happens.

Anyway, so Pityriasis Rosea. Oh My God it’s itchy when it starts. They say that it starts with a “herald” patch because it “heralds” the start of a widespread patch. It’s not contagious but looks like it would be! It’s mostly confined to your trunk, so back and chest area but can (rarely) spread to your lower neck and face. It can look like ringworm and the actual cause is not known but I’m told it’s similar to chicken pox in that it’s very unlikely you’ll have it twice in your life.


My “herald” patch… isn’t it gross?!

It’s a rash caused by a virus from the herpes family, so my doctor did say that because I get cold sores I would be more susceptible to get this but again, it’s not really known how it’s caused and why some people get it but it just happens. The spots become oval shape and have very dry flaky skin which is itchy!

There are no risks but it is recommended to visit your doctor if you do get the rash to ensure it’s not something more sinister like ringworm or even syphilis. The rash can last from 2 – 12 weeks (yikes) but there will be no scarring left unless an infection develops.

Unfortunately there is no medication/treatment available however I have found that calamine lotion is a god send for it. Sunlight can also help as it can lessen the rash but it’s important to ensure you don’t get sunburnt. Antihistamines can also help with the itchiness or if it is really severe, your doctor can prescribe cortisone cream.

It tends to be more common in females and generally occurs in Spring and Autumn. It can also be a few spots or an all out outbreak.


It’s annoying to have but I’m glad I got it now. I’m not usually too fussed with things like this and how they look (when you have bad skin you get very used to imperfections) but lucky for me it’s winter and so I am able to cover it with a scarf which I wear from about May – September every year anyway.The doctor says you can cover it with make up if you want but I find that due to the skin being so dry and flakey, it just brings it out even more so I haven’t bothered. The only one that is really annoying me is the one on my eye lid because it looks swollen all the time. But oh well!

How was your weekend? Have you ever had Pityriasis Rosea?

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4 Responses to Happy Monday!!

  1. zoekatarina says:

    Re: the eyelid. I think it was year 8 school camp, and this teacher I had a mad crush on was going. The very first day, a mosquito bit me on the eyelid and I looked like a gimp for the rest of the trip. Things on eyelids = horrid.
    I have never heard of your rash though! Did the doctor say a usual age that people get it? Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomoz xx

    • xxxMissVxxx says:

      aww thanks zo!!!
      Yes I woke up in Bali one morning having been bitten and I thought I was blind. I’m not sure why these things can’t happen to my left eye. I already can’t see out of it so that would just be handy really!

      Doc said between 18 – 30… it’s so lame. How have you been??

      • zoekatarina says:

        Yeah good! Centrelink tried to dick me about recently – I was going to take it to a hearing w- the appeals tribunal! – But then they rang Kevin and he put em straight. I’ve got my NEIS interview in 2 weeks so will hopefully have grant support for my new business sorted soon, fingers crossed they accept my application. Shaun & i went on a big roadtrip last week, I took tons of notes & will write a blog post about it soon so you can read ;> he’s back in WA for another 3 weeks now, booo. I can’t believe they’re still so understaffed there, my sister complains about the same thing at her work. Don’t they understand it puts totally undue stress on everyone??

        • xxxMissVxxx says:

          Yes I know. I got the call cuz Kevin wasn’t in the office at the time and she started telling me everything so I was like “um Zoe’s my friend, and you should not be telling me this regardless of whether I know her or not.”

          That’s exciting about the business application. Good luck with that!

          Yea they said they won’t hire anyone because it’s too hard to train Bri and train someone else new but Shell is back in Melbourne so we’ll see how that goes because they can’t use that excuse with her!!

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