How To: Care for your Fringe

A few weeks back I got a fringe done again. Honestly a fringe frames my face really well and suits me so much more than no fringe. But after not having one for two years, the things that really annoyed me about it became apparent in the first 24 hours.

Things like:

  • growing really quickly
  • not being even
  • not being straight
  • being too bouncy
  • not being bouncy enough
  • doing it’s own thing
  • getting dirty really easily
  • having to pin it back every time I wash my face

There are more but I won’t keep going.

If you want to check out my fringe looking gross click here!

So here are some tips if you have a fringe.

  • Ensure that you cut it regularly to keep it’s shape and length at the right height.  If you don’t do this, it can look messy, unkempt and greasy!

  • For a really straight fringe, ensure that the hair dryer is pointing down and not to move the hair too much as it’ll create body.
  • If you want a flick, use a round brush and roll in the hair working from the bottom up. Heat the brush with a hair dryer and once the brush has cooled, take it down.
    • Use dry shampoo for those mornings where your fringe is too greasy and you don’t have time to wash/dry/sculpt.  Spray some where your fringe meets the rest of your hair, wait a few minutes and brush your fringe through with the rest of your hair. I like Cedel Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair

      • Fringe can get really greasy so I don’t apply anything other than moisturiser and sunscreen to my forehead. You can’t see my skin under there so I skip the primer, foundation and anything else I may feel the need to put in there and it stops my fringe from getting super greasy quickly.
      • I also pin my hair back at night so it doesn’t get super greasy either. This does however mean that every morning I either have to wet and dry it into shape, or apply dry shampoo. Usually the choice depends on how it looks and feels.

Fringes are cool and can really suit some people but it’s important to look after it and realise that it can take a bit of work. If you’re a very low maintainence person who chucks their hair up and walks out the door, a strong blunt fringe probably won’t suit your lifestyle but a sweeping side fringe might. If you’re keen to get a fringe but not sure what sort, discuss it with your hairdresser. They will take your face shape and hair type into consideration when discussing the options with you.


Do you have a fringe? What annoys you the most about it?

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4 Responses to How To: Care for your Fringe

  1. OMG my fringe just gets really greasy fast hahaha! I hate it! But I love the way I look with a fringe so I think it’s worth the upkeep.. probably not for some people but for me it is!

  2. Ingrid says:

    These tips are great:) I am growing my fringe out again so at the moment I am the queen of bobby pins X

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