Happy Monday: Yarra Valley

So I did try to post this yesterday but my phone was being mega difficult in loading pictures so I wasn’t able to.

But I was at the Yarra Valley over the weekend with my boyfriend, his best friend and his girlfriend. We stayed at De’Vine Escape in Dixon’s Creek and did a winery tour with Wild Wombat on Saturday.



This is the view from our courtyard. It’s so beautiful up there because all the vines are so close. There’s also a horse in that pic if you can spot it!


This is me and my boy at Millers’ Winery. He bought a case, I didn’t buy anything from here. I think I was a bit drunk at this stage!


Giant Pumpkins at Coombe Farm! I posted this photo on Facebook only to have a friend comment saying he was there on Saturday! But we missed him as we went in the morning and it was his last stop for the afternoon.


Cheese Platter at Yarra Valley Diary. From bottom left to bottom right: Spiced Fig Chutney, Persian Fetta, some sort of blue cheese, white mould something and goats cheese. It was so delicious. We weren’t meant to visit the dairy farm because we had a tour of 9 and they wanted the wineries but as their first choice to go to Chandon and the 4 of us didn’t want to go, the tour guide dropped as at the dairy farm which was really good.

So the weekend was good, I got quite a bit of time to myself which was nice. I got down to De’Vine at about 2 pm to check in and the others weren’t arriving til much later. So I settled in, went to the local shops to buy some cold meats and cheeses for snack, drinks, water etc and came back and read for a bit with a glass of wine. I then realised that I had a spa bath (this is super exciting as I don’t have a bath at my house) so I turned the taps on full ball on hot, promptly forgot about the hot water until I got in and burnt myself! It was worth it! Felt like I was in a sauna and it was amazing.

The whole weekend was good and it makes me want to go away more often!

How was your weekend?

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I'm Valentina. And I'm pretty awesome!
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2 Responses to Happy Monday: Yarra Valley

  1. Ingrid says:

    What a fantastic weekend! And a spa bath sounds heavenly:)

    The picture of you and your man is beautiful. I’m glad you had a great time, wine is so fun X

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