I really hate complaints.

A student of ours called up today to say that she hasn’t been notified of a course she was enrolled in. To cut a long story short, she was enrolled into a course that was cancelled, I sent her a letter telling her to contact us regarding a transfer or refund, the teacher contacted her also (which is never meant to happen), told her it was cancelled and told her he would transfer her to a new course.

This never happened.

I was never notified.

And now the new course is cancelled.

That was meant to begin tomorrow.

So I was graced with that call, told her that unfortunately as the teacher didn’t notify us of her transferring, we weren’t able to notify her that the new course was also cancelled. I apologised¬† that it happened and asked if she wanted a transfer or a refund. She then verbally abused me on the phone, told me I should be fired and hung up on me.

Bit dramatic don’t you think?

10 minutes later an email comes through from her. Telling me that I was unprofessional and unsympathetic to her situation.

I understand she was pissed. Hell I would be to in the same situation. But taking it out on me, when in all honestly I had nothing to do with it because a) I wasn’t told and b) someone else interfered and told her the incorrect thing and c) she chose to follow the incorrect information rather than follow the instructions on the email that I sent her in the first place, is really not acceptable.

I hate this concept that the customer is always right. They aren’t. Majority of the problems in my office stem from clients not following procedure.

The amount of times I’ve been abused because someone didn’t get a call about something, after inputting their own number incorrectly is ridiculously high. The number of times I have been abused because someone couldn’t find our office when they wrote the information down wrong is also ridiculous. Or the number of people who complain about terms and conditions, and claim they didn’t know about them when they call to cancel or transfer once a course starts, even though they can’t proceed with an online enrolment until they have ticked the “I Accept” button on the T&C’s page. I’m not so naive to think that people read T&C’s but I don’t want to hear that I am being unfair in not giving you what you want because you chose to not read something.

Where has personal responsibility gone? Why is everything always blamed on someone else? And since when did my job become a job where I have to spoon feed adults and coo “there there” when things don’t work the way they want them to?

These situations usually don’t get me down. I normally laugh it off, bag the person to make me feel better and move on. But this one has. I am good at my job. No. Scrap that. I am damn good at my job. I know it and everyone I work with knows it. Alot of people can’t deal with the job I do. In all honestly it’s not a highly stressful job but speaking to person after person after person with only 20 seconds to recover from each call is not alot of time to process and/or vent.

I admit, I’m not always the most friendly on the phone, but I am always professional and despite the fact that I absolutely hate it, I still apologise when something is not my, nor my teammates fault.

This is what I don’t get though. How is a customer meant to learn from their own mistakes if we aren’t allowed to tell them? I don’t mean in a rude way, but just in a “this is how we do things, so please follow the instructions and it won’t happen again” way. It makes things smoother for everyone involved.

Imagine that?

Having the audacity to tell someone that “no, this is how we do things. “

Thank Fuck it’s my day off tomorrow!

Need some tips on how to be a good customer??? Read here!!

How do you handle complaints against you? Have you even had any?

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