How To: Pick the Right Colour Foundation for your Skin

I’m going to start off by saying that this is not a how to guide. It’s a question, posed to you all about how you pick the right foundation for your skin.

I’m in the market for a cheap, liquid foundation sold at Priceline or Target or wherever where there isn’t someone to match your skin with a product. Instead there are 1000’s of testers which in all honestly, I don’t really want to be putting on my face. And frankly, it’s downright intimidating!

There is just a sample of what I’m talking about!

Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation – available in 12 shades
(image taken from )

Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Foundation – available in 7 shades
(image taken from )

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation – available in 14 shades
(image taken from )

There is the great idea of testing that section of skin on your hand (down the thumb area) but that doesn’t give you an overall idea as the skin on your hand is very different to the skin on your face.

So, how do you pick a foundation colour without having to buy 60 bottles before getting the right colour? Because I’m honestly stumped!

Edit: le geekSkin has recommended a website called “Findation” which lets you perfectly match foundation. Here is her review on it!

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5 Responses to How To: Pick the Right Colour Foundation for your Skin

  1. geekskin says:

    One pretty ridiculously hard way is to find other people who are the same color as you. For eg, if I find a blogger who uses the same colors as me in some foundation product, I will hold onto them for dear life to see what other foundations they’ve used and trust their judgement lol. Obviously this is a rather ridiculous way but it works sometimes. But honestly, I wonder too… but nowadays, I’m more interested in BB creams which tends to be a one or two color fits all! :]

  2. geekskin says:

    Hey, I just posted something that I think will probably interest you! 🙂

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