Body Brushing

Dry Brushing is something that I’d heard about long ago but never tried. But then, one rainy lunch time I took refuge in Priceline (where else?) and noticed the Eco Tools foot brushes were half price. That’s right! They were the cheap as chips price of $3.50. So I purchased one.

I didn’t really expect much but I was re-reading “Two Lipsticks and a Lover” by Helena Frith Powell (also known as “How to be Impossibly French) and there is mention of body brushing on amazing looking women with beautiful skin and every time I read that book I’m inspired to take better care of my body.

So I gave it a go.

It’s weird at first. They say you should brush towards your heart which I find odd but hey, whatever floats your boat (I’ve now realised that this is done because of the lymphatic system). I did my legs before jumping in the shower, slowly brushing starting from my ankle up to my thigh and it honestly didn’t feel any different to exfoliating with a glove or loofah other than the lack of lubricant. The main difference came when I was out of the shower, after about a week of brushing every other day, when I slathered on moisturiser (Dove Silky courtesy of my Priceline Skin Goody Bag) and it just soaked in. It was amazing.

Now I can’t just attribute it to just the brushing because I started the new moisturiser when I started brushing but what a difference it makes! I do my body once a week and my legs twice a week. To me it beats exfoliating but if you press too hard, it can sting when you jump in the shower. Best to have lukewarm water.

It’s perfect to start at this time of year as well because we still have a couple (re: a few) months before summer to get rid of that dry, scaly skin that is covered up and not really taken care of in winter.

I think body brushing works brilliantly and my IPL girl agrees that it’s also amazing. She said that body brushing mixed in with laser/IPL is really good as it drastically improved results so I’m totally on a winning formula!

One thing to be really careful about is to not press too hard when you are first brushing because it can sting and I have heard stories of people actually ripping skin. So be careful but the benefits are pretty awesome! Not only does it give you smooth, sexy legs but it can prevent ingrown hairs and build up of yuckiness.

It can also improve venous blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, release toxins and exfoliate dead skin. Many people use dry brushing successfully to assist with the relief of arthritis, improve poor circulation and remove bumpy skin from backs of leg and buttocks. It is also said to help reduce the appearance of cellulite (because you really can’t get rid of that!).

There are brushes out there specific for body brushing but in all honesty, I can’t imagine they would make too much of a difference in the end.

Here are some tips for dry brushing

  • use a natural bristle brush
  • use light strokes
  • use on dry skin only
  • follow brushing with a shower or bath
  • wash your brush thoroughly
  • don’t brush over sunburnt areas
  • avoid sensitive areas like breasts and groin
  • don’t brush more often than you need to.

Do you dry brush? What do you think of it?


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3 Responses to Body Brushing

  1. zoekatarina says:

    What does it (the brush) look like, I can’t imagine it looking like anything except a loofah? But I guess it would have to be more gentle. You can’t go grating yourself with a dry loofah every day

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