Wardrobe revamp!

I’m in the process of cleaning out my wardrobe. I have gotten to that point where I am so fed up and frustrated that I had to do something. Thinking about doing it all in one go was just nauseating so I thought I’d do an hour a night and see how that goes.

In all honesty I’ve only done about 2 hours worth of work on it because I’ve been busy but it has made a difference. I’ve thrown out a bag of clothes that are too yuck and ratty to donate and have another bag of clothes ready to be ebay’d or donated depending how it all goes (I know, I should donate everything but hey, I’m going to have a mortgage soon. Need all the money I can get!).

Here are some photos.


The Floor


Book Case




More Shoes


More Stuff


Clothes on my bed. This took ages to sort and rehang and refold

Once I’m home again, and when it’s actually done, I’ll take photos of it looking all neat and sorted.

It’s amazing how much it can make a difference to my mood to walk into it and see everything and actually being able to step into it because there isn’t piles of stuff on the floor. I still need to get more organised. I’m not sure how to arrange my shoes that don’t have boxes to fit in them and not only that but I’m going to have to do that polaroid idea of taking a photo of what’s in each box to make for easy access. And then come up with a completely brilliant way of ordering them so I don’t have to take millions of boxes down to reach one pair.

This whole thing has been inspired by The Happiness Project – of basically sorting your shit out!

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2 Responses to Wardrobe revamp!

  1. Pretty sure my bed looks like that right now. I’m planning on throwing it all on the floor when I go to bed. #seriouslyIlivelikeateenager

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