Fatty needs a Lifestyle Change

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I’ve decided I want to lose some weight. Not a drastic amount because that would be ridiculous but I’ve gained a few kilos in the past couple of years by eating alot of junk and alot of carbs and I just want to get back to how I was.

I know it sounds vain but I have a lot of expensive clothes that I barely got to wear that no longer fit. I’m not talking a couple hundred dollars worth: I’m talking a couple of thousand. What I need to do is start organising my meals. To stop impulse buying my lunch. To say no to the second piece of cake/chocolate/whatever.

I find it hard to plan my lunches and snacks though. As I still live at home, there’s this rule that anything in the fridge/pantry is up for grabs by anyone. The second I buy anything delicious, it’s gone, because my dad has eaten it. Unfortunately there isn’t enough room in the work fridge to fit more than a couple of tubs of stuff. But I have to at least try. I need foods that don’t take alot of preparation and don’t involve lots of tuna and salmon as they make me sick if I eat too much of them.

This is all part of my new health kick really. Ever since I quit the gym a month ago I’ve been feeling really yucky.

Hmm I might google some delicious, cheap, easy lunch ideas!

NB: I don’t actually think I’m a fatty.

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I'm Valentina. And I'm pretty awesome!
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