Photo Friday!

As I’ve been cleaning out my wardrobe I’ve come across some shoes that I haven’t seen in a long time. They aren’t shoes that I’ve forgotten about, rather they are shoes that are just so pretty and so damn inconvenient that I don’t wear them often enough. If I wear them going out, I make sure I wear them when I am being transported by car to and from A and B and if I can be 100% certain I’ll be able to sit down whenever I need to.


This first pair I received from a store called Dizingof. Which is one of my most favourite stores in all the world. Haim Bzezinski is a Melbourne based designer and is self-taught! I find the clothes he designs fit me so bloody damn well and the styles are absolutely amazing. They are stylish, elegant and just a little bit quirky without being all “wtf is she wearing?” in a bad way. At this visit, I had purchased a dress, pants and top and I loved these heels so much but wasn’t able to afford them at the time (prices are not cheap, full price ranges from about $150 for a shirt to $600 for boots, dresses and coats).  I had spent about $500 all up. I loved these shoes so much and the girl in the store, who I had become quite good friends with due to my weekly Wednesday lunch time visits threw them in for free. Yup, you read that right. Free! $199 shoes for free! I love them so so much and they make my legs look amazing. I also love that they are a bit Christian Louboutin with the red soles.


This next pair is Miss Bobby Pinz from Peeptoe. I find alot of Peeptoe shoes can be a little bit trashy for my liking but I fell in love with these immediately. They were the last pair in Australia in my size and were on sale for $150 down from $299. My only problem? I had exactly $14.59 cents in my bank account and payday was still two days away. On a previous shopping visit I had lent my friend $200 to buy some shoes which she promtly paid me back for so this time she repaid that courtesy and bought me these shoes. They look so amazing on and I always get so many compliments. Especially when worn with a predominantly black outfit. They are super high and quite uncomfortable to stand in for long periods of time but my god they are sexy.

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5 Responses to Photo Friday!

  1. zoekatarina says:


    • xxxMissVxxx says:

      THEY ARE MINE!! Aren’t they amazing. And so not a pair of shoes I thought I would ever love. I mean if you described them to me I’d be like “um… ew!” but they are amazing. I seem to recall describing them to you once… hmm maybe it was someone else at work

      • zoekatarina says:

        No no it *was* me!!! And I remember you accompanied the description with a caveat of “they sound gross when i describe them but they truly are not” or some such thing. Yes, they are totally gorgeous. What size foot are you again? Oh that’s right, like, 4.

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